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How To Remove 1Clickdownloader Adware?

On this web page, you’ll learn what is 1ClickDownloader adware and how to get rid of it from your computer.1ClickDownlaoder is malicious software that leads you to download unwanted or harmful content from the Internet. This software is installed on your computer without your knowledge. Once the software is installed, it will start displaying unwanted content (ads) without your consent. The 1ClickDownlaoder software is installed on your computer in many ways. Usually, when you click on certain buttons like Update (Adobe Flash), the chance for this software to enter into your computer is high.

1clickdownloader Adware?

Your computer may encounter several issues due to 1ClickDownloader adware and some of the symptoms of this software are listed below:

  • The browser will start responding slowly or crashes unexpectedly.
  • Unwanted ads will be displayed in the browser.
  • You’ll be redirected to some other page instead of the correct one.
  • New add-ons and plugins will be added to the browser without your knowledge.
  • Unwanted applications will be installed on your computer without your knowledge.

Now, let’s see how to get rid of 1ClickDownloader.

Method 1: Manually removing 1ClickDownloader

Step 1: Disconnect the internet connection of your computer

  • Close all the existing applications on your computer first.
  • Now, you have to disconnect the Internet on your computer.
  • For wired:
  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer.
  • For Wireless:
  • Go to your computer’s Network Connections or Settings section.
  • Click the Show Network Connections option.
  • Highlight your network and right-click on it.
  • Select the Disable/Active option.

Step 2: Uninstall the malicious software

  • Go to your Windows computer’s Programs and Functions section.
  • Look for the software that is installed without your knowledge and select it.
  • Click the Uninstall/Change button followed by Yes. After uninstalling the software, make sure to reset your browser’s search engine.
  • Open your browser.
  • Navigate to the Settings section followed by General.
  • Search and select the Search header.
  • Choose the search engine that you want to reset from the drop-down menu and click Reset.

Method 2: Using anti-spyware software

  • If the manual method doesn’t remove the 1ClickDownloader adware from your computer, then use anti-spyware software to do it. There are many anti-spyware applications available in the online market.
  • Select, download, and install the one that meets your needs and requirements.
  • Run the spyware scan on your computer using the installed anti-spyware software.
  • Remove 1ClickDownloader by following the on-screen instructions.

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