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Antivirus App for iPhone

Although ios devices come with a highly protected security system, rarely, they do get affected by viruses. Antivirus keeps you safe from the attacks of threats and viruses. It also helps the devices to consume less memory and prevents battery drainage. It protects your privacy. A few Antivirus App for iPhone are given below.

Antivirus for iPhone Free Download

  • Mobile security by mcafee has the following features in the free version: Security scan, wi-fi scanner, media vault, anti-theft protection, and contacts recovery.
  • Trend micro mobile security has the parental control feature, ensures safe browsing, and blocks malicious websites.
  • Norton mobile security has a free 30 days trial version. It enables all the features of pro version.
  • Avira mobile security has an anti-theft tool which helps to locate your lost phone.
  • F- secure safe is effective in keeping you safe on the internet with the browser protection feature. It has the parental control feature to monitor and restrict your child’s activity. It has a finder to locate the device if lost.

Free Antivirus for iPhone 6

  • Avast security & photo vault is one of the best anti-virus software for iphone6. It can be downloaded from its official website or the apple app store. It comes both in free and paid versions. You will get notifications if any of your accounts are used by hackers. Photo vault assists you to keep your photos encrypted with a pin. The paid version includes the vpn feature which helps in secure surfing over a private network.
  • To install the software, go to app store and search for avast mobile security
  • Select avast security & photo vault and click get.
  • Select install, open the application and select start 14-day trial. Follow the instructions and check the license agreement.
  • Finally, select close and start using the antivirus.

Antivirus for iPhone 5

Lookout mobile security has the best mobile security and anti-theft features

  • If your iphone device is lost, you can locate and ring the iphone with the help of this software.
  • This software protects your personal information.
  • Lookout has secure browsing and ssn watch features.
  • It also has a special feature where you can recover your lost wallet.

Antivirus for iPhone 5s

  • Logdog mobile security is an antivirus app that protects your online accounts like gmail, facebook, and instagram.
  • It keeps all online information safe.
  • It protects the iphone with the help of gps.
  • It has improved anti-theft and credit card protection features.
  • Alerts are given when a suspicious activity is detected.
  • This software continuously monitors your activities and immediately notifies you to prevent hacks.
  • Logdog mobile security is one of the best Antivirus App for iPhone available in the market.

Antivirus App for Jailbroken iPhone

Jailbreaking is not recommended since it may allow installation of apps which are infectious from apple store. These iphone devices are easily attacked by malware. There are some good Antivirus App for iPhone jailbreak version is available in the market.

  • Yalu dark is recommended for jailbroken ios devices.
  • Go to the official website of yalu dark and start download.
  • Yalu dark is compatible with iphone 5 and iphone 6 models.
  • You can install this software to detect and remove your threats.
Antivirus App for iPhone