Antivirus For Tablet

Antivirus for Tablet are handy, lightweight, and portable compared to laptops. Installing an antivirus on your tablet is important as in computers. An antivirus application helps you keep your personal info safe and prevents malicious attacks.An antivirus software can protect your tablet from viruses, spyware, and thefts. Some of the best antivirus software for tablets are mentioned below.

Antivirus for Tablet Download

  • Avast mobile security is a popular and high-rated antivirus that scans viruses, malware, and trojans, and removes them.
  • Norton security & antivirus detects all viruses and rings an alarm to locate your lost device.
  • Kaspersky mobile antivirus application gives the best security. Both the free and paid versions of the software are available in the official kaspersky site. The free version supports virus and malware scanning, while the pro version has an anti-theft feature and app locker.
  • 360 security is the best antivirus for android due to its multi-functionality. In addition to antivirus protection, it enables lock screen, speed booster, junk cleaner, cpu cooler, and anti-theft protection, and takes an intruder selfie when anyone tries to unlock your phone.
  • Defender security has anti-hacking, app lock, and quick cleanup features.
Antivirus for Tablet Download
Antivirus for Tablet

Download Antivirus for Tablet PC

  • You can download a regular desktop antivirus software that you use for your computer on your windows tablet pc.
  • Windows defender is a software that comes inbuilt on windows os. For tablets, it can be installed from the windows app store.
  • Bitdefender antivirus provides effective protection against android threats.
  • Launch your browser, download bitdefender from the official website, and follow the on-screen instructions to install the application on your tablet pc. For android tablets, you can get bitdefender from google play store.

Antivirus for Android Tablet

Among several antivirus software available for android tablets, avg proves to efficient in providing security.

  • Avg is a subsidiary of the avast software. It has some special features like avg cleaner and vpn.
  • It does regular automatic scans and keeps your android tablet free from threats.
  • It also has some add-on apps available in the google play store for free.
  • This software has a dual-engine to scan and remove threats.
  • It also includes a photo vault to encrypt your pictures safely.
  • You can visit the anti-theft website of avg from another device to locate your lost tablet. If anyone tries to snoop your tablet, avg takes a secret photograph of the person and sends the same to your email.
  • Avg application also comes with the device lock and app backup feature.

Antivirus App for Android Tablet

  • To download an antivirus application on your tablet, open the google play store application from your home screen.
  • If you have a google account, you can sign in to the play store with your login credentials.
  • Enter the name of the antivirus you prefer and click the search icon.
  • Select your antivirus and tap install.
  • Once the antivirus is successfully installed, follow the instructions shown and enter your details carefully.
  • On the homepage of your antivirus application, select scan.
  • Your Antivirus for Tablet will be scanned for any virus or malware, and you can follow the instructions shown on the application to resolve it.