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What is worm?

A computer worm can be much more harmful to your computer than a computer is to your body. 

Where do computer worms come from?

The computer worm was first invented by a graduate student at Cornell University who wanted the people to know the security flaws in their computers.

The Morris worm infected several UNIX computers, and they were rendered unusable until the worm was removed. While it cost the creator of the worm a penalty of 1000USD, a worm attack on your computer can prove to be much more costly.

The worm can infect your computer and replicate itself, disrupting internet traffic. It also sends itself to other computers connected to your network and causes DDOS(Distributed Denial Of Service) issues.It is recommended to activate a firewall and install a worm removal antivirus application to keep worms away.

Antivirus worm removal (how to remove)

Follow these methods to remove a computer worm from your PC.

  • Download the Malicious Software Removal Tool from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Perform this next step to prevent worms from hiding in the system restore files.
  • Open your PC’s Start menu by pressing the Win key.
  • Enter the word ‘restore,’ and you should see the ‘Create a restore point’ option in the search results.
  • Click it. Click the Configure button at the bottom. Turn off System Protection.
  • Disable all the third-party antivirus programs on your computer. There is a chance that they have been infected by the worm as well.
  • Restart the computer. As the computer boots, press the function key shown on the screen to enter BIOS.
  • When the BIOS screen loads, select the ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ option.
  • The PC boots in safe mode with networking. 
  • Run the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool as an administrator.
  • You can also run a new antivirus application that you have downloaded, such as Avast.
  • Run the scan and wait until the result screen loads. Depending on the application that you use, worms will be removed/quarantined with/without your intervention.
  • Restart the PC. Return to the System Restore menu and re-enable System Protection.
  • Set up a firewall on your router or an application on your PC, such as Windows Defender, to prevent worm attacks in the future.

Best worm removal antivirus

There are many applications available to remove computer worms from desktop and laptop PCs. You can use a proprietary antivirus worm removal from your computer OS manufacturer to remove the worm. Some applications, such as Avast and Malwarebytes have been effective in the past for computer worm removal.

Worm detector antivirus (how to detect)

Worms spread from computer to computer without the need for a user to perform an action.

  • Typically, worms enter your computer through emails from seemingly trustworthy sources. 
  • When you open the attachment, the worm replicates itself on your computer and infiltrates to all the contacts in your address book.
  • The worm causes internet traffic to slow down, making your computer and network unusable.
  • Some worms enter your computer carrying a payload. These types of worms can take over your computers, making them behave like zombies.
  • You can remove these worms by installing an antivirus application or a dedicated malicious software removal tool on your PC.

How does antivirus software recognize new viruses and worms?

  • Antiviruses constantly receive database updates to protect your computer from viruses and worms that are created every day.
  • This is why it is recommended to check and for and install antivirus updates now and then.
  • Antiviruses scan the computer for unusual activity and sometimes require your intervention to delete viruses and worms. 

Android security antivirus bug worm (how to remove from android)

If your Android device shows telltale signs of a worm infection, such as slow opening/closing of apps, pop-up ads, battery drain, unexplained data usage, etc., it is recommended to remove the worm immediately.

  • Restart your Android phone in 'safe mode.'
  • When the Android device is on, press the power button and continue holding it until you see boot options on the screen.
  • Press and hold the Restart button on the screen, and you should see a ‘Reboot to safe mode’ prompt.
  • Tap OK. The Android device boots in safe mode.
  • The ‘Safe mode’ text appears at the bottom of the Android phone’s screen.
  • Delete untrusted applications from your Android phone one after the other after a thorough inspection.
  • Install an antivirus application on your Android device and make sure to download apps or files from trusted sites only.

Can a computer worm hide from antivirus?

A computer worm is capable of hiding in your computer from an antivirus. It typically hides within the system recovery files.To ensure that they are not hidden from antiviruses when attempting to remove them from your PC, follow these steps.

  • Launch your PC’s Start menu. You can accomplish it by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard’s bottom-left portion. Alternatively, you can click the Windows button on the bottom-left portion of your desktop.
  • When the Start menu appears, enter ‘restore’ in the text field.
  • The ‘Create a system restore point’ prompt should appear. Click the prompt. The ‘System Restore’ window opens.
  • Click the ‘Configure’ button at the bottom of the window.
  • Turn off the system protection options displayed on the System Restore window. Now, the worms are no longer hidden from antiviruses.

How to remove worms from laptop?

  • Download the Malicious Software Removal Tool on your laptop computer from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Disable all your laptop computer’s system protection options by performing these steps.
  • Press the Win keyStart Menu appearsType ‘system restore’ without quotes in the text fieldClick ‘create a system restore point’Click ConfigureTurn off the protection options
  • Disable your antivirus applications (installed before the worm attack) and download the malicious software removal tool from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Power off the computer and restart it in ‘Safe mode with networking.’
  • As the computer boots, press the function key shown on the screen to enter BIOS. Choose ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and press Enter.
  • Your PC boots in safe mode with networking capabilities.
  • Execute the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool(ensure that you are logged on as an administrator) and run a scan.
  • All worms that are detected will be deleted by the worm removal tool.
  • Restart the computer.
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