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How to fix Avast Update Helper Error 1603?

Avast update helper is a tool that scans and updates the broken and outdated drivers on your computer. The scan and update process is done automatically. Recently, some Avast Secure Browser users have encountered an error that shows the following error message: Avast update helper error 1603. Most users have encountered this error while updating Avast from the version 18.4.2333 to 18.4.2338 after updating their Windows 10 computer’s 1803 Spring update. Now, if you’re also encountering the same error, then perform the following troubleshooting methods to resolve it.

Method 1: Update Windows 10 graphics card

You have to download the Comodo Antivirus spyware from the official Comodo site and the steps are given below.

  • On the taskbar, click the search box and type Device Manager.
  • Open the Device Manager and select the drive that you wish to update.
  • Click the Search automatically for updated driver software option followed by the Update button.
  • Once the graphics card has been updated, check if the Avast error 1603 is resolved.

If not, perform the next troubleshooting method.

Method 2: Uninstall Avast Secure Browser

Some users say that uninstalling Avast Secure Browser has resolved the Avast helper error 1603.

  • First, sign in to your Windows 10 computer as an administrator.
  • Open the Run dialog box, type the appwiz.cpl command, then tap Enter.
  • Now, the Programs and Features wizard will open up.
  • Search for the Avast Secure Browser program and select it.
  • Right-click on the Avast browser and select the Uninstall/Change option from the context menu or click the Uninstall button.
  • Complete the browser uninstallation process by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After uninstalling the browser, make sure to restart your Windows 10 computer.

Now, check whether the Avast error 1603 is resolved. If not, perform the next troubleshooting method.

Method 3: Disable Avast Behavior shield

If the update helper error 1603 persists even after uninstalling the Avast Secure Browser program from your computer, then disable the Avast application’s Behavior Shield.

To do so, follow the below instructions.

  • Open the Avast interface.
  • Click Settings > Components.
  • Go to Behavior Shield and click the switch beside it.
  • Now, the Behavior Shield option will be disabled.
  • Click Yes > OK.

Now, check if the Avast Update Helper error 1603 is resolved.

Avast Update Helper Error 1603