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Avg Firewall Keeps Turning Off

Avg Firewall Keeps Turning Off

Avg Firewall Keeps Turning Off?

AVG is one of the most well-known antivirus software and it competes with other antivirus programs available in the market. Millions of users across the globe use AVG services to keep their systems protected against malware attacks. But keep in mind that the AVG services are not compatible with iPhone and Mac computers. AVG usually works in the background when your computer is turned on. When the program discovers some threats in your system, it alerts you and places the infected files in quarantine locations, so you can’t access them. In the below segments, we have listed some of the troubleshooting steps that you can follow to solve the AVG firewall's turning off issue.

Uninstall Other Antivirus Programs From Your Pc

  • Running more than one antivirus program simultaneously might cause conflicts and errors on your PC.
  • Therefore, if you have installed more than one antivirus on your computer, then try to remove the other antivirus program from your PC.
  • Make sure that you remove all antivirus traces from your system.
  • Restart your computer and launch the AVG program once again.
  • This step will ensure that your AVG antivirus software runs properly without any issues.

Install The Latest Windows Update

  • In some scenarios, you can easily sort out the issue by simply updating the Operating System to its latest version.
  • When you update your system, every program will run smoothly.
  • Go to the Settings page and click on the Update & Security option.
  • Click the Check for Updates button.
  • In general, The Windows Operating System is used to update the system in the background. But sometimes, due to some reasons, Windows skip the updates.
  • So, you can follow the above steps to update the system to its latest version.
  • Finally, restart your system to reflect all the changes made.
  • Now, check whether the AVG firewall keeps turning off issue is solved or not.

Use The Avg Troubleshooting Feature

  • Locate the AVG software and double-click on it to open the software.
  • Click on the Menu option at the top-right of the program.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Troubleshooting.
  • Scroll down the page and you will see the Reset All Settings option.
  • Click on the Reset To Default option.
  • Once done, restart your computer and check if the AVG firewall keeps turning off issue is gone.

Check If Your Pc Is Infected By Viruses

  • If your system is affected by some malware, this could lead to a number of unknown errors on your system.
  • If your AVG antivirus program is able to perform a full scan, then try to run a full system scan to find the viruses.
  • Once you find the viruses, remove them altogether.

Try Out Some New Antivirus Software

  • If the AVG turning-off issue is not solved yet, then try another third-party antivirus program.
  • Make sure that you install only a well-reputed antivirus software on your system.
  • If the new antivirus software is working fine, then use it instead of the AVG antivirus software.