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Avira Antivirus Scan ?

The Avira Antivirus software comes as a free and pro version. The Antivirus software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. You can follow the steps that are given below to perform Avira Antivirus Scan.

Avira Antivirus Scan
  • Double-click on the Avira Antivirus icon on the desktop.
  • You can also open it from the taskbar of your Windows computer.
  • Select Open next to the Antivirus software you are using.
  • Click the Gear wheel icon next to the Scan system section.
  • You can select the Scan settings and click Apply.
  • Select the Scan system option and click Yes to allow Avira to make changes to your device.
  • Once the scanning process is complete, follow the instructions on the scan to remove the detected virus.

Avira Boot Scan

Consider the steps that are given below to perform an Avira Boot scan from your computer.

  • Open the Avira software from the Start menu.
  • Click open the Avira Antivirus window.
  • Select the Extras tab and click the Boot records scan option from the displayed list.
  • Choose your drive to begin the scan. Then, click on the Scan button.
  • When prompted for the User Account Control access, click Yes.
  • Follow the instructions in the scan results to remove viruses or malware.

Avira Usb Scanner

You can easily perform a USB scan with a custom scan. Proceed with the steps that are given below to perform the scan.

  • Go to the Antivirus software and click the Settings icon.
  • Select the Scan option and click the Custom scan section on the left panel.
  • You can select your location where you want to scan.
  • Click the Create new scan link and choose your location to scan.
  • Complete the Avira Antivirus Scan by following the instructions on the screen.