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How to use Avira Email Protection?

Avira Email security is a scanner that scans the mail server protocols like IMAP, POP, and SMTP. When the Avira email security feature is enabled, all the unencrypted incoming emails will be scanned. It even scans the outgoing emails, if you have configured to do so. Avira email security is installed in server systems. It will check the server to server connections and protect your computer from all types of online threats. Avira protection will prevent phishing emails and all other efforts that try to steal your data. Anti-spam technology in the Avira email protection blocks all the emails from unsolicited senders. It also blocks malicious attachments. Avira email security also has some other features like Quarantine Management and Notification Management.

Avira Email Protection

It is used for both business and personal use.

  • To stop unwanted messages, select ‘Manual in the Windows service settings.’
  • First, deactivate the false messages in administration consoles.
  • Select the Configuration option and select the General tab.
  • Choose Security and select the Remove option.
  • Click and enable the Protect processes from unwanted termination checkbox.
  • Once you have changed the required settings, you can turn on the email protection feature.
  • If you are facing email traffic issues, disable the encrypted email connection.
  • Check the correct settings on your email client if you want to disable it.
  • You can remove Avira Mail Protection from your computer easily if it is blocking any important emails.
  • Click the Start menu and select Settings. Go to Apps.
  • Choose the Apps & features option.
  • Select Avira Antivirus and click Modify. Then, select Next.
  • Click the Avira Mail Protection checkbox and click on the Next button.