What is Avira Password Manager?

Feeling insecure while sharing your credit card details or account password on unknown sites? Then try the new Avira Password Manager application.Avira is one of the leading antivirus software development company. It ensures that all your data are protected from all kinds of threats by scanning and deleting unwanted files & malware on your computer. To secure your password from third-party access, Avira has introduced an application called Password Manager. This software protects your passwords using 256-bit AES encryption. It runs on platforms like Android and iOS and its extension is available for the Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera web browser s.

Avira Password Manager

Key features of Avira Password Manager are listed below

  • Creates one master password and helps you to automatically log into your account.
  • Automatically, it creates a strong and unique password.
  • Detects and alerts you of weak or unused passwords.
  • Alerts you when your account is hacked or accessed by an unknown user.
  • Allows you to sync your password across various platforms.
  • 2-factor authentication.
  • Restricted access for unknown users
  • Data Privacy

The above features are available in the free version of Password Manager. In the Pro version, along with the above-mentioned features, you’ll get options like Account check, website check, and password check.

To set up Password Manager, follow the below instructions.

  • From your device’s web browser, navigate to the https://passwords.avira.com web page.
  • Use your Avira account credentials for signing in. If you don’t have an Avira account, create a new one and then sign in.
  • After signing into your account, start adding your account passwords into the Password Manager dashboard.
  • Once you have added all the passwords, you can use the application on your cell phone or in the browser.

For cell phones: Install the Password Manager application on your cell phone from Google Play Store or the AppStore. To add the extension to your browser, download the extension file from the Avira official page.Contact our technical experts if you need to know more about Avira Password Manager.