How To use Avira Rescue CD Iso?

Worried about the loss of data stored on your Windows computer? From now on, you don’t have to if you have chosen to use Avira Rescue CD ISO. Avira is known for its antivirus software. But, at the same time, its rescue system plays an important role in protecting your data from damage and accidental deletion. The Avira Rescue system’s ISO file helps you to create a bootable CD that allows you to boot your computer safely. To know more about the Avira Rescue CD ISO, scroll down this page.

Avira Rescue Cd Iso

To install the Avira rescue system, your computer must meet the following system requirements.

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • CPU: 700 MHz
  • Should support CD+DVD drive and VGA
  • A stable and active Internet connection
  • OS: Windows XP, 7, & 8

Download Avira Rescue System

  • Visit Avira’s official support page.
  • Locate and select the Avira Rescue System. Click on the Save File button.
  • Now, the Avira Rescue system’s ISO file will start to download.
  • Make sure to save the ISO file in a location from where you can access it easily.

Creating a bootable CD using the Avira Rescue system

  • On your computer, insert a CD/DVD.
  • Open the Rescue system’s ISO file and run it.
  • Create a bootable CD by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After creating the bootable CD, try to boot your computer from it.
  • If the computer boots from the bootable CD, then the process is done successfully.
  • In case the computer fails to boot, then the CD/DVD or CD-ROM drive option might be disabled on your computer. To enable it, reboot your computer.
  • When your Windows computer starts to boot, press the F2, F12, F1, F8, Esc, or Del button to access your Windows computer’s BIOS setup window.
  • In the BIOS window, go to the Boot section.
  • Select the CD/DVD or CD-ROM Drive option and enable it.
  • Make sure to save the changes.

You can use the Avira Rescue system to scan your computer for unwanted programs and viruses. Open the Avira Rescue System tool on your computer. Initiate the scan process by selecting the partition that you want to scan. Once the scanning is done, the window titled Results will open. In the opened window, you can find the options such as Report, New Scan, Shut Down, Restart, etc.To know more about Avira Rescue CD ISO, click the Call us button and contact our technical experts.