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Avira Scan Stuck - [SOLVED]

If the Avira scan is stuck on your computer, then carry out the simple troubleshooting instructions given below. Avira protects your computer from all kinds of threats and malware. This antivirus software is compatible with the Windows OS and some versions of macOS. There are many issues that are encountered with the Avira antivirus software. One of the common issues encountered by most of the Avira antivirus users is the Avira scan stuck. The main cause of this issue is not yet known. But you can resolve this issue easily by performing the simple troubleshooting steps. Generally, the full scan or deep scan can take several minutes to complete. The time duration of scanning depends on the number of files stored on your computer. So, wait patiently for the scan to complete. If the same issue occurs even after waiting for a long, close the application and start it again later. Make sure that your OS is compatible with the Avira antivirus software. If required, reinstall the Avira antivirus software on your computer.If you’re performing a quick scan and if the Avira scan is stuck, then check whether Avira is up-to-date. If not, update the antivirus software to the latest version and then perform the quick scan on your computer.If you encounter this issue while performing a smart scan on macOS, then perform the following instructions to resolve it.

avira scan stuck

Reinstall Avira on Mac

Uninstall Avira:

  • Click the Finder menu.
  • Select Go > Applications. Locate the Avira application.
  • Click & drag the application to the Trash folder of your Mac computer.
  • Once the app is uninstalled, click the Finish button.
  • Make sure to empty the Trash folder of your Mac computer.

Install Avira:

  • Download the Avira antivirus installer file from its official site.
  • Open the installer file and install the software by following the instructions displayed on the screen. And perform Avira protection scan

After reinstalling the Avira software, log in to it and run a Smart scan. If none of the above instructions could resolve the Avira scan stuck issue, then contact us.