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Bitdefender Update Failed

The Bitdefender antivirus program helps to give protection for both personal devices and PCs. To get a better result, you have to keep the Bitdefender antivirus program updated. If you encounter the Bitdefender update failed problem, refer to the troubleshooting steps mentioned on this web page.

Bitdefender Update

Update settings:

  • To check if the update has been properly set up, open the main interface of the Bitdefender antivirus program.
  • After you click the Settings or gear icon, the Settings window will appear on the screen.
  • Click the Update tab and check if the Update Location is filled with the correct information.

Other firewall software:

  • Check if any other firewall software is running on your computer. If so, disable it.
  • It is better to uninstall other firewall programs on the computer.
  • The firewall software on the computer might interfere with the update process of the Bitdefender antivirus program.

Firewall settings:

  • Also, you have to check if the firewall is blocking the update process.
  • Go back to the main window of the Bitdefender antivirus program and select the Protection option on the left panel.
  • Navigate to the Firewall section and click the Settings icon.
  • Click the Network Adapter tab and check if the Home/Office option is selected under Local Area Connection 2.
  • Open the Stealth Mode window by clicking the Edit Stealth Settings option and disable the Stealth feature.
  • Check if the Bitdefender update failed problem is resolved.
  • If not, perform the following steps.

Proxy settings:

  • If you use proxy to connect to the internet, you must configure Bitdefender with the correct proxy settings.
  • After you launch the main window of the Bitdefender antivirus program, click the gear icon.
  • When the Settings window opens, click the Advanced tab and turn on the toggle next to the Proxy Usage option.
  • Click the Manage Proxies link and mention how the Bitedender program has to access the proxy settings.
  • Once done with the proxy server settings, click the OK button.

Update the Bitdefender program manually

  • Download the weekly.exe file of the Bitdefender antivirus program from the manufacturer website.
  • Start the installation wizard by double-clicking the downloaded executable file.
  • Click the Next button, select the I Accept option and click Next.
  • Once you click the Install option, the installation process will start.
  • Wait until the installation process gets over and click the Finish button.

Reinstalling the Bitdefender antivirus program:

  • Uninstall the Bitdefender antivirus program from your computer.
  • Reinstall the Bitdefender antivirus program as per the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, try to update the Bitdefender antivirus.

Upgrading to the most recent version of the Bitdefender antivirus:

  • Go to the manufacturer website and download the latest version of the Bitdefender antivirus program.
  • Check if the Bitdefender antivirus update failed problem is resolved.
  • Also, you can get assistance from our technical experts to resolve the Bitdefender update failed problem.