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Bitdefender Firewall

Bitdefender is an antivirus program that offers various other services but does not include a firewall even though it defends your personal computer. The Bitdefender firewall is internet security that blocks the hacker and prevents the programs in your computer from malicious communication with the internet.

Bitdefender Antivirus Firewall Settings

  • The bit defender firewall settings have a very new update.
  • It allows you to enable or disable the stealth mode and paranoid mode in the settings menu.
  • In the Paranoid mode, every application will be alerted to the user when connected to the internet.
  • The autopilot and the profile features are automatically switched off, and they can be used simultaneously with battery mode.
  • The stealth mode establishes your connection when detected by the computer.
  • You can edit the stealth mode settings to choose which device should or should not be visible to the computers.
  • You can also set rules in the Firewall settings.
  • Under the Rules tab, you can now lookup the various applications for which rules have already been created.

For each of the rules, the following information is displayed:


  • That is the option of filtering this the process and the network adapter types the rule applies to. Rules are automatically created to filter systems or Internet access through any adapter.
  • By default, the rules apply to any system. You have the option of manually creating and editing the rules to filter an application’s network or Internet access through a specific wireless adapter.


  • The IP protocol the rule applies by default, and the rules apply to any contract.


  • The rule applies for both directions, inbound and outbound.


  • The Port rule is applied to any port by default.


  • This rule is applied to any IP address by default.


  • The application allows or denies access to the network or internet under the specified circumstances.

Turn Off Bitdefender Firewall

  • Click on the Bitdefender antivirus application. 
  • Under the Shield tab, turn OFF the switch next to Bitdefender Shield when prompted.
  • When the drop-down menu appears, keep the option disabled.
  • You can choose from permanently or Until the system restart option. Click OK to confirm.
  • Open the device and drivers tab and choose an option:
  • Scan CD and DVD
  • Scan Flash drives
  • Scan Network devices
  • Go back to the main settings, click on the Firewall module, and select the Switch Off button to turn off the Bitdefender Firewall.
Bitdefender Firewall