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Bitdefender Full System Scan Stuck

Bitdefender Full System Scan Stuck

Bitdefender Full System Scan Stuck?

Bitdefender is one of the widely-used antivirus programs that protect your computer from various malware attacks. It supports both manual scans and real-time danger detection. Like all antivirus programs, Bitdefender also offers free and paid versions. However, the free version offers far fewer configurations than the premium version. But like any other antivirus software, Bitdefender might also face some technical issues here and there. If you are worried that your Bitdefender software is unable to perform a full system scan, then you’ve landed on the right page. We have provided some of the troubleshooting steps that will help you in many ways

Things You Need To Be Aware Of:

  • The speed of the scan depends on several factors, such as: System configuration (specification), a large volume of data, computer resources already in use, or some software is utilizing the system data.
  • Also, you can perform a partial scan to check if Bitdefender is able to make a complete scan.
  • However, you can carry on with your work while the Bitdefender is scanning the computer data in the background. But consider running the full scan overnight to reduce office downtime.

Steps To Speed Up The Scanning Process:

  • Open the Bitdefender application.
  • Click Protection on the navigation menu.
  • From the Antivirus panel, click Open.
  • Under System Scan, choose the Edit option.
  • Use the drop-down menu to change the scan task priority (Low to High).
  • Click Next and hit the Save button.
  • Now, run a full system scan and see whether Bitdefender is able to perform well without any issue.

Check For The Latest Updates:

Windows updates are usually released to maintain the proper functionality of the computer. In some scenarios, you can quickly sort out the issue by updating the operating system to its latest version. When you update your system, every program will run smoothly. In general, the Windows OS gets updated in the background. But sometimes, due to many reasons, Windows might skip the updates.

  • Go to the system's Settings page and click on the Update & Security option.
  • Click the Check for Updates button.
  • Your system will take some time to install the latest software update.
  • Once done, restart your PC and check whether the Bitdefender antivirus software is able to perform a full system scan.

Some Of The Other Troubleshooting Steps:

On rare occasions, Bitdefender won’t complete a full system scan. So, we have given some of the troubleshooting steps to rectify the problem.

  • Exit all programs and restart your computer.
  • If the scan problem persists, use the Windows troubleshooter to sort out the system error.
  • As one of the troubleshooting steps, you can partition the main hard drive - split into separate drive letters.
  • Usually, Bitdefender will scan every single file on your computer, including any external hard drive and USB drives that are connected to your computer at the time of scanning.
  • If you are not worried about a potential threat on an external hard drive, try to disconnect your external drive before performing the full scan.
  • Open your default web browser and remove the temporary files and delete cookies before running a full system scan.
  • The above troubleshooting step will ensure that the scanning process occurs even quicker.
  • The Bitdefender issue can also occur due to conflict with another security tool on your PC, such as Windows Defender.
  • Suppose there is more than one antivirus program running on your PC, try to disable it (the other program).

Note: Running more than one antivirus program at the same time can cause conflicts and errors on your PC.If the above task proves fruitful, then you probably don’t need the other security software, so uninstall it from your PC. Once uninstalled, restart your PC to reflect all the changes.