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What is Bullguard Secure Browser?

BullGuard secure browser is an aid to empower consumers like not many. They strive to perform sensitive online transactions with absolute discretion and safety over the rest. With BullGuard 2020, the product suite will now enable integration with the VPN to make sure the privacy of the users is in safe hands, especially when it is connected on an unsecured Wi-Fi. The BullGuard secure suite will now also cover 13 countries over the world.The BullGuard security browser will provide the customers a much safer way of browsing through the internet, and most importantly, a better platform to have online banking transactions and other sensitive online transactions like credit card payments with utter confidence.The BullGuard browser protects devices against aimed attacks, such as browser highjacking, rootkits, remote virus injection, malicious extensions, and plugins. In order to safeguard network attacks like TLS/DNS spoofing and add layers of protection against website threats, BullGuard security browser will filter the malicious content as well as network phishing.Most notably, the BullGuard secure suite helps a report that would point out the browser security certificate and help in investigating the website behavior.To bring it short, the BullGuard secure suite makes sure the protection is enabled and the network security is strong. Most importantly, you will find some amazing user-friendly features like the bar hints and other keyboard shortcuts. The BullGuard browser will be available along with the antivirus products such as BullGuard Internet Security and the BullGuard Premium Protection.

Bullguard Secure Browser?

Browsing Tips For Bullguard Secure Browser

  • The browser helps in defending itself against all sorts of attacks.
  • When you are making a move to purchase something online, the browser will help in safeguarding the payment details from online attacks.
  • The BullGuard secure browser will make sure to block malicious websites, so you do not access them by any chance and then infect the computer.
  • The BullGuard browser will make sure to lock the browsing cache so the hackers can no longer have access to your browsing history.

Identity Protection

  • BullGuard's identity protection feature in the secure browser monitors more websites than any other browser.
  • This also includes the dark web platforms and the websites that would have stolen the data.
  • The amazing platform will allow the consumers to find out the elements that they want to trace and then safeguard with a series of personal information.
  • The BullGuard secure browser has now found its way to 13 different countries --- UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and Turkey.