Fix: Cannot Open Avira Antivirus

Cannot Open Avira Antivirus

If the Avira Antivirus program fails to open on your computer, you need not worry at all. It occurs when there is an issue with your installation process. You can efficiently resolve your problem by checking the fundamental steps of the installation. Try out the steps given below to sort out the Cannot Open Avira Antivirus issue easily and quickly.

Repair your Avira antivirus

  • If the issue exists on your Avira program, you can sort it out with a simple repair.
  • Download the latest Avira Antivirus file from the official site.
  • Ensure that your computer meets the basic requirements for the Avira program to be installed.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file and install it on your computer.
  • Open the Avira antivirus program and select the Repair/Update option. And click on Next.
  • Now, your Antivirus program will be repaired. When you finish repairing the program, make sure to restart your computer.

Check your network connection

  • If you cannot open your Avira antivirus, the problem might have occurred with your Internet connection.
  • Check whether you have a seamless Internet connection. If not, fix it and try to open the Avira program again.

Check for another antivirus program

  • If your computer has another antivirus program other than Avira, it might be stopping your Avira program from opening. You need to uninstall or disable that program to continue with Avira.
  • In some cases, Microsoft Defender itself can create a problem. So, turn off your Microsoft Defender and try to open Avira.

Check for Microsoft Update

  • You need to check whether your Windows OS needs an update.
  • When you fail to update your Windows OS, you will face issues with the programs installed on your computer. That might be the reason for your Avira antivirus program not opening. So, try to perform the update and then attempt to open the Avira program again.

Disk Cleanup

  • When your computer runs out of storage, the programs running on the system, including Avira, fail to function properly. On your computer, click on Settings, followed by the Control Panel. Navigate to Administrative Tools and click on Disk Cleanup. Select the drive which has to be cleared, click on OK, and then select Delete files.
  • You could also make a backup of all your files using an external hard disc and clear your computer’s memory.

Try out all the remedies given above. Then, you can easily fix Cannot Open Avira Antivirus issues.