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Comodo Offline Installer Setup Guide

Looking for the COMODO offline installer file, then scroll down this page to know about it.

Comodo Offline Installer
  • COMODO is security software that offers various kinds of protection features like antivirus, firewall, sandbox, and more. The COMODO Internet security software is alone enough to provide maximum security for your device and the data stored on it. This security software also offers the website filtering option that prevents you from accessing sites that cannot be trusted.
  • Generally, to install security software on your computer, you need an active internet connection. Some antivirus applications have an offline installer, which is a standalone installer that allows you to perform the installation without being connected to the internet.
  • COMODO has released the offline installer only for the COMODO Internet Security Premium software. During the installation, two components, COMODO Antivirus and COMODO Firewall, will be displayed on the screen. You can choose either both or anyone from these two components based on your desire.
  • To download the COMODO offline installer, visit the https://download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/1000/standalone/cispremium_only_installer.exe web address. After downloading the offline installer for COMODO Internet Security Premium, run it on your computer.
  • Finish off the installation by following the on-screen instructions. Make sure to provide necessary permissions when prompted. Similarly, when the Components screen appears, choose the COMODO Antivirus and COMODO Firewall options or the option of your desire and click the Install button. If prompted, choose a folder to save the installer file. Complete the security software installation by following the on-screen instructions. Once COMODO is installed on your computer, the Congratulations! message will be displayed on the screen.

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