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How To Disable Sophos Endpoint?

Sophos Endpoint

The Sophos Endpoint protection uses malicious traffic detection and real-time threat intelligence technology to detect and remove threats from your system. It protects the system from attacks and data breaches.

Disable Sophos Endpoint

You can disable Sophos Endpoint protection if you do not want to use this product on your system. Disabling the On-access Scanning feature will disable the protection. The steps to disable the Sophos without admin are given here in the next section. Also, the steps to disable the Sophos product from your Windows and Mac computers are provided on this web page.

How To Disable Sophos Endpoint Without Admin?

  • Go to your computer and hold the Win and R keys at the same time on the keyboard.
  • The Run dialog box will be launched on the screen.
  • Type the ‘services.msc’ command without the single quotes in the Open field and click the OK option in the Run dialog box.
  • You will see a list of Sophos services on the screen.
  • Select a Sophos service, right-click it, and choose the Manual option from the Properties menu.
  • Do the same to set the rest of the Sophos services to Manual.
  • Close the Services window.
  • This will disable all the services of Sophos.

How To Temporarily Disable Sophos Endpoint Anti-Virus In Windows 10?

  • Go to your Windows 10 computer, navigate to the status bar, and right-click the Sophos icon.
  • Choose the Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control option.
  • Click Configure anti-virus and HIPS -> On-access scanning.
  • The ‘On-access Scan Settings for this Computer’ dialog window will appear on the screen.
  • Click the Scanning tab and remove the checkmark next to the ‘Enable on-access scanning for this computer’ option.
  • To confirm the same, select the OK option.

Disable Sophos Endpoint

  • Click the Sophos icon at the top-right end of the Mac desktop screen and choose the Open Preferences option.
  • The On-Access Scanning window will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click the lock icon, type the administrator password, and click the OK option.
  • Click the Stop Scanning option and choose the Deny Access option from the ‘When a threat is found’ drop-down menu.
  • Click the Messaging tab and deselect the checkbox beside the ‘Show Sophos Antivirus status in the menu bar’ option.
  • This will disable Sophos from your Mac computer.

Disable Sophos Endpoint Tamper Protection

  • Go to the Windows status bar, search for the Sophos icon, and right-click it.
  • Select the Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control option from the displayed menu.
  • This will launch the main interface of the Sophos application on the computer.
  • Select the Tamper Protection option followed by the Configure Tamper Protection option.
  • Deselect the checkbox next to the Enable Tamper Protection option and then click the OK option.

Disable Tamper Protection Sophos Command Line

  • To disable Sophos tamper protection, use the ‘%Sophos% call stopservice’ command.
  • This will stop Sophos temporarily. You can enable this at any time by using the startservice command instead of stopservice.

Sophos Endpoint Default Tamper Protection Password

  • If you have not changed the tamper protection password, you can use the default one when prompted to enter at the time of Tamper Protection.
  • To find the tamper protection password, carry out the easy instructions provided below.
  • Sign in to your Sophos Control account using the email address and password.
  • Go to the Logs & Reports section and click the Recover Tamper Protection Passwords option, followed by the View Details option.
  • You will see the password at the top of the screen.
  • If you want to disable the tamper protection password, click the Settings option and disable it.

Remove Sophos Endpoint Without Tamper Password

  • If you do not know the tamper password, perform the following steps to remove the Sophos Endpoint agency.
  • You can remove the Sophos Endpoint agency manually.
  • Alternatively, disable the password protection and remove Sophos Endpoint.
  • You can also restore the tamper protection password and use the default one while removing Sophos Endpoint.

How To Stop Sophos Endpoint Defense Service?

  • Launch the Services window by holding the Win and R keys simultaneously followed by entering the ‘services.msc’ command without including the quotes in the Run dialog box.
  • Search for the Sophos Endpoint Defense service, right-click it, and select the Properties option.
  • Click the Disable option.
  • Make sure to select the Disabled option from the Startup Type menu.
  • Finally, click the OK option.
  • This will stop the Sophos Endpoint Defense service.

Unable To Disable Sophos Tamper Protection

  • If you are unable to disable Sophos Endpoint tamper protection tool, boot the endpoint or server in Safe Mode by performing the instructions mentioned below.
  • Go to the Windows search bar, type ‘Run’ without the quotes, and choose the Run application.
  • In the Run dialog box, type services.msc and click the OK option.
  • As soon as the Services window appears on the screen, find the Sophos service and right-click it.
  • After you have chosen the Properties option, choose the Disabled option from the Startup Type menu and click the OK option.
  • Go back to the Run dialog box, type ‘regedit.exe’ without the quotes, and click the OK option.
  • Navigate to the‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Sophos Endpoint Defense\TamperProtection\Config’ location.
  • Set the value as 0 for both the SAVEnabled and SEDEnabled fields.
  • If you are using the 32bit Windows, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sophos\SAVService\TamperProtection location.
  • If you are using 64-bit Windows, go to the ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Sophos\SAVService\TamperProtection’ location.
  • Set the value to 0 in the Enabled field.
  • This will disable Sophos Endpoint tamper protection.

Remove Sophos Endpoint Manually

  • Navigate to the Windows Control Panel, click the Uninstall Software option, and choose the Sophos Endpoint Agency application.
  • Once you click the Uninstall option, the Sophos Endpoint application will be removed from your computer.
  • Once done with removing the client, click the Endpoint Protection option in the sidebar.
  • Select the Computer section on the left panel, choose the computer in which you want to remove the Sophos Endpoint program, and click the Delete option.