Why Eset Blocking Remote Desktop?

The ESET antivirus software helps you to detect and remove malware and the other harmful threats from your computer. The firewall feature offered by this application helps in blocking unwanted and harmful sites. If you encounter an issue while trying to access the Remote Desktop feature on your computer, then you have reached the right page to resolve it. Usually, if RDP is added to the ESET application’s Firewall rule, then there is a chance for you to encounter this issue. Let us see how to fix the Eset Blocking Remote Desktop issue.

Eset Blocking Remote Desktop

Proceed with the instructions given below to fix the issue.

  • Initially, make sure that the Remote Desktop feature is enabled on your computer.
  • Now, open the ESET application.
  • Click the Setup option.
  • Select the Enter Advanced Setup option.
  • Now, expand the Network list and select Personal Firewall. Select the Interactive mode instead of Filtering mode.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Open Remote Desktop.
  • If a pop-up dialog box is displayed on the screen, then click Allow.
  • Now, set the firewall mode to Automatic and access Remote Desktop.

If the ESET application is still blocking Remote Desktop, then create a firewall rule to allow RDP connections.

To perform it, carry out the following instructions given below.

  • Open a web browser and navigate to ESET Security Management Center Web Console.
  • Sign in to your ESET account.
  • Click the Policies tab.
  • From the list of policies, choose the one that you wish to modify and click Policies > Edit.
  • Click Settings > Network Protection > Firewall Advanced.
  • Now, create and apply a rule by clicking the Edit command beside Rules.
  • On the Firewall rules dialog box, click the Add button.
  • In the General tab, set the following preferences:
  • Direction: In
  • Action: Allow
  • Protocol: TCP
  • Click the Local tab. By default, RDP connects on port 3389. If your RDP port has been changed, then enter it in the Port field.
  • Similarly, click the Remote tab. To allow access to restrict connection, enter its IP address or zones in the given fields.
  • Finally, click OK > OK > OK > Finish.

Now, try to access the remote desktop on your computer. If the same Eset Blocking Remote Desktop issue persists, contact us.