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Eset Gamer Mode Keeps Turning On

Usually, when you have antivirus software on your computer, you will be getting frequent notifications from the antivirus software. This may be annoying while you run any full-screen application on your computer. Also, the antivirus software may be running at the background continuously for the scheduled scans. This may also consume lots of CPU usage as well. To avoid these scenarios, especially while using full-screen applications like gaming, or any other presentations, ESET has the feature called Gamer Mode.

The Gamer mode, when enabled, disables all the notifications and reduces the interruption while using full-screen applications. Also, you have the option to enable Gamer mode automatically when a full-screen application is run on your computer. But when you minimize the full-screen application, the Gamer mode as well will be disabled.

On your Windows computer, if you want to prevent the Gamer mode from starting automatically, then carry out the below steps.

  • Click on the Start menu on your Windows computer.
  • Select All Programs, ESET, and then open the ESET antivirus program from the list.
  • You can also open the main program window from the notification area on your Windows computer.
  • In ESET product's main program window, press the F5 key on your keyboard.
  • This will open the Advanced setup page of ESET.
  • From the available options on the left side, click the TOOLS option, and then click on the Gamer mode option under TOOLS.
  • The settings for the Gamer mode will be displayed on the right side of the setup window.
  • Now, click the slider bar next to the ‘Enable Gamer mode when running applications in full-screen mode automatically’ option to disable it.
  • Disabling this option will prevent the Gamer mode from starting automatically when a full-screen application is running on your computer.
  • Then, click the OK button.