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How Do I remove Kaspersky Windows 10?

When you have the Kaspersky antivirus software installed on your computer and wish to install new antivirus software, then you have to uninstall Kaspersky. You can perform the instructions given below to delete or remove Kaspersky Windows 10.

Remove Kaspersky Windows 10
  • First, turn off the Kaspersky Antivirus protection on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Click the Kaspersky icon in the taskbar of your computer and click the Pause protection option. In the pause protection window, select the Pause radio button and click the Pause protection button.
  • Now, click the Continue button in the confirmation window to pause Kaspersky.
  • Then again, click the Kaspersky icon from the taskbar and select the Exit option.
  • After closing Kaspersky on your computer, click the Windows icon and select Control Panel.
  • In the Control Panel window, select the Programs and Features option from the list.
  • In the next window, select the Kaspersky Antivirus icon and then click the Uninstall/Change button.
  • If the Kaspersky antivirus software is installed on your computer is password-protected, then enter the password and click Continue.
  • If the User Account Control prompt appears on the window, click the Yes button to continue.
  • The Kaspersky uninstallation wizard will open on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Click the Next button.
  • In case if the application requests you to enter the password once again, then enter it and click Next.
  • On the next screen, with the header Saving objects, disable all the checkboxes if you want to delete the Kaspersky antivirus entirely from your computer.
  • If you wish to save any of the settings data regarding the Kaspersky antivirus on your computer, then select those checkboxes and click the Next button.
  • Then, in the Ready to uninstall window, click the Remove button.
  • The uninstall process will take a few minutes. Once Kaspersky is removed from your computer, a prompt will appear to restart your Windows 10 computer.
  • Click the Yes button on the prompt.
  • Your Windows 10 computer will restart.
  • To get remote assistance to remove Kaspersky Windows 10, click the Call button available on this screen.