How do you remove antivirus software?

To remove antivirus software from your device, follow the forthcoming instructions

  • Tap the Windows key and type Apps & Features in the search bar. Click on it once you find it. 
  • The list of software that you have installed on your computer will be displayed on your system. 
  • Select the antivirus software and click the Uninstall button available on the top part of the screen. 
  • Restart the computer after the uninstall process is over.
How to remove antivirus software

How to remove antivirus from chrome?

  • First, launch the Google Chrome browser on your device and tap the Settings icon. 
  • Scroll the menu downwards and select Options.
  • Choose the Under the Hood option from the Chrome Options window. 
  • Untick the checkbox available near the Enable Phishing and Malware Protection option. 
  • You have now disabled Antivirus from your Chrome browser.

How to remove antivirus using cmd?

  • From the Start menu, select the Command Prompt to open it on your system. 
  • Key in D: in the first step and tap the Enter key. 
  • Now, specify attrib, and then the virus files that are auto-running will be displayed on your screen. 
  • The proceeding step is to type attrib -r -a -s -h*.* and tap the Enter button. 
  • Mention del autorun.inf and wait till all the antivirus files are deleted from your system. 

How to completely remove antivirus software?

Use the instructions that are specified below to uninstall an antivirus program from your system. 

  • Go to the search box available in the taskbar and key in the control panel. 
  • Choose the Control Panel option from the results to launch it on your system. 
  • Select the Programs option followed by the Programs and Features option. 
  • Search for the antivirus software that you wish to uninstall and click on the Uninstall or Change option. 
  • Read through the prompts displayed on the system’s screen and uninstall the software completely. 

How to remove antivirus from laptop?

  • If you want to remove any antivirus program from your system, then navigate to the My Computer window. 
  • Now, choose the drive in which you have installed the software package. 
  • Open the antivirus folder once you locate it by double-clicking on it. 
  • Find the uninstall.exe file from that folder and run it. 
  • In the Uninstall wizard, tap the Uninstall button and follow the guidelines displayed to remove antivirus software. 

How to remove antivirus from mac?

  • First, exit from the program that you wish to uninstall. 
  • Select the Applications option from the Finder menu. 
  • Once the Applications window opens, search for the antivirus app
  • Drag the software icon and release it near the Trash icon. 
  • When the uninstall process is over, you have to empty everything from the trash. 
  • Instead of dragging, you can also right-click on the software and click the Move to Trash option. 

Remove antivirus software from android phone

  • Before uninstalling the antivirus app, you have to disable the device administration permissions. 
  • Search for the Device Admin in the Settings menu of your Android device. 
  • From the list of apps available, select the antivirus app that you wish to uninstall and select the Deactivate option
  • Now, select the Apps option from the Settings menu and choose your antivirus app from the list of other apps. 
  • Tap the Uninstall button and choose the Yes option in the Uninstall pop-window. 
  • You can also uninstall the app by navigating to the Google Play Store
  • Go to the Store and search for the app you have installed using the search bar. 
  • Select the app and tap the Uninstall button. 
  • When the Do You Want to Uninstall this App? message appears, tap OK.