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How to add kaspersky to another Computer?

  • If you have the license for adding Kaspersky on more than one device, you can install Kaspersky on another computer by entering the Kaspersky product’s license key you received while purchasing the product.
  • Open the Kaspersky program and click the Manage Your Devices icon.
  • Select the Connect computer to my Kaspersky tab on the next screen.
  • Enter the already registered Kaspersky account details and click Log In.
  • Your Kaspersky account will now be added to another computer.
  • In case you have only access for a single device, remove the Kaspersky account from the old computer and download the product or install the software CD. Enter the license key details on the other computer when prompted.
  • You can contact our technical experts if you have no idea about how to add kaspersky to another Computer.
How to install Kaspersky to Another Computer