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How To Allow Antivirus To Install Software?

Let's follow the steps given below for the best way to permit antivirus to install the software you need.

You can install any confirmed or trusted application's on your Windows or Mac system. If the antivirus software installed on your system is blocking the new application's installation, then let us see how to allow Antivirus To Install Software

Before proceeding into the troubleshooting method, let's check the conditions discussed below.

  • Find out the software or program that you wish to install on your system is dependable.
  • Ensure that the software fulfills your system requirement.
  • Download the chosen software file from its official webpage.
How To Allow Antivirus To Install Software?

Allowing Antivirus To Install Software

  • Check if you have enabled the SmartScreen option on your Windows system.
  • To disable the SmartScreen option, open the Windows Defender Security Center window.
  • Look for the Apps and Programs Control option and click it.
  • Navigate to the Check Applications and Documents section and click the OFF option.
  • Now, try installing the program you have downloaded.
  • If not, disable the Windows Defender application on your Windows system temporarily.
  • To do it, go to your Windows 10 system's Settings.
  • Select the Update and Security option.
  • Click Windows Security followed by Virus and threat protection.
  • Select the Virus and Danger protection settings option.
  • Find and disable the Real-time protection choice.
  • The Windows Defender option on your Windows system is now disabled.
  • Now, have to install the software you have downloaded on your Windows 10 system.