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How To Backup Eset License Key?

Are you wondering how to back up the ESET license key? Then scroll down this page to know-how in detail.ESET is an internet security software developed by a Slovak internet security company. This company develops antivirus and firewall products. It offers many advanced security features on its paid version. On this page, you’ll learn how to backup the ESET license key.When you purchase the full feature of the ESET antivirus software, a license key will be e-mailed to your mail address by the ESET manufacturer. You’ll be asked to enter this key during the product registration or activation. Generally, the ESET Smart Security license is sold for 1 year. Now, if you wish to format your computer or to reinstall the ESET application on your computer, then take a backup of the ESET product details, including the license key. There are two different ways to take a backup of the ESET License key. Let us see how to Backup Eset License Key.

How To Backup Eset License Key?

Using the email

  • Generally, if you have purchased the ESET product through the ESET product’s official website, then you’ll receive an email containing your product’s license key.
  • Open the email message received from ESET and look for your product’s license key.
  • Once you find the license key, note it down for future use.

Using the ESET folder

  • Once the ESET product is installed, a folder containing the full details about the product will be stored on your computer.
  • Browse the ESET folder on your computer to backup the ESET license key.
  • On your computer, open the ESET product folder and go to the following file path /etc/nod32/license. In the opened folder, copy all the files and move them to a portable storage device.

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