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How To Disable Gatekeeper Mac Catalina?

Gatekeeper is Apple’s new security feature that helps in monitoring the apps that are being downloaded and installed on your Mac. Gatekeeper was first introduced in the Mac OS version 10.7.3 back in 2011.Being a Mac user, you will notice Apple reviewing your apps and allowing only the apps that are safe and compatible to use.When it comes to Gatekeeper in Mac OS Catalina, it will verify the applications before running them on Mac. This denotes that if the apps are not seen in the Mac Apple Store, in no way can those apps be installed on your Mac computer. However, Gatekeeper only runs within the Mac computer. If you are installing applications from external devices like a hard drive or pen drive, such verifications aren’t made.Now coming to the topic, Gatekeeper can also be a bane when you need something right from the App store. Just because the digital signature is not verified by Gatekeeper doesn’t mean you cannot download the app you wish to have on your Mac. Many users have been posting queries on how to disable Gatekeeper on Mac OS Catalina. Well, we have the solution right here. Let’s dive into the topic right away.Here are the steps on how to Disable Gatekeeper Mac Catalina in simple steps.

How To Disable Gatekeeper Mac Catalina

Permanently Disable Gatekeeper Using Terminal

  • Turn on your Mac computer.
  • Open the Terminal window (Control + Option + Shift + T).
  • Enter the following command, sudo spctl –master-disable, and press the Enter button.
  • Enter the admin password when the Mac asks you.

The command will change the Gatekeeper settings to “Anywhere,” and the Gatekeeper will be disabled permanently.

An alternative way to disable Gatekeeper is from the System Preferences.

  • Click the Apple icon on top of the screen.
  • Click the System Preferences option from the drop-down list.
  • Click Security & Privacy option.
  • Click on the General tab in the window.
  • In the Allow apps downloaded from section, click the radio button for the Anywhere option. Now we have seen how to Disable Gatekeeper Mac Catalina.

Follow the mentioned steps to disable Gatekeeper on Mac OS Catalina.