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How To Put Antivirus On Flash Drive?

The flash drive is a common device used to transfer data from one device to another. The devices can be a computer, printer, router, and laptop. The regular antivirus on the computer may not remove the malware or virus completely. Using the antivirus program on a flash drive will be the best approach to remove the virus. At the same time, the antivirus file should be small enough to fit the flash drive storage. General boot devices are CD and flash drives. Scanning your computer with the antivirus on a flash drive can work from outside. To learn how to Put Antivirus On Flash Drive, read the following methods.

How To Put Antivirus On Flash Drive

Method-1: Download the third-party antivirus

  • When you connect the USB flash drive to the infected computer, the malware or virus tries to enter the USB.
  • Therefore, do not download the antivirus tool from the infected device.
  • Plug the USB flash drive to a healthy computer and open a browser.
  • Search the web and find a reliable third-party antivirus tool.
  • Download the antivirus tool and then move it to the flash drive storage.
  • Open the antivirus installer tool and complete the installation.

Method-2: Install the Windows Defender Offline

  • Visit the official Microsoft website and search for the Windows Defender Offline version suitable for USB flash drive.
  • Download the Defender offline package.
  • Choose ‘On a USB flash drive that is not password protected’ and click Next.
  • Following that, select the USB flash drive storage where you want to store the package.
  • Save the package and disconnect the drive.

After installing the antivirus, connect the flash drive to the infected computer and run the antivirus tool while booting the computer. Now we have seen how to Put Antivirus On Flash Drive