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How To Recover Kaspersky Password?

Many people use the term “password” for a number of things, such as access codes, activation codes, and also to Kaspersky apps and My Kaspersky accounts. In case you lose or forget any type of Kaspersky password, you always have some method to recover it. Let us see how To Recover Kaspersky Password

How To Recover Kaspersky Password?

How to recover the password to My Kaspersky account?

Using My Kaspersky, you can conveniently perform the following tasks:

  • Remotely manage device protection.
  • Renew the terms of your licenses.
  • Configure Kaspersky Safe Kids.

If you try to connect any Kaspersky app to your My Kaspersky account, you will see a new window pop up on your screen. This window will have the Sign in to My Kaspersky message and will prompt you for your My Kaspersky account’s login username and password. In normal situations, you will enter the email address and password that you have specified while you signed up to My Kaspersky. Then, you will click on the Sign in button. And if you don’t have an account, you will create one on My Kaspersky. All of the above conditions will happen under normal circumstances. However, on the occasions when you lose or forget your My Kaspersky account password, you will have to recover it. Now, how can you do that? In the Sign in to My Kaspersky window, click on the Forgot your password? link. Next, follow the instructions given below to recover it:

NOTE: We are now going to restore access to your My Kaspersky account by resetting your password.

  • In the Sign in to My Kaspersky window, type the email address that you specified when you first created your account.
  • Next, click on the Continue button. If the specified email address has been registered on the website, you will receive a message having a link for resetting the password (to the same email address).
  • Now, click the link in the email message received from My Kaspersky.
  • A new window will now pop up. In this window, type a new password and then confirm it. Your new password should have the following properties:
  • At least eight characters
  • Must include at least one number, one uppercase, and one lowercase letter
  • Should not have any spaces
  • Should not duplicate any of your recent passwords
  • You will have to enter a security code in case you have set up two-step verification for your My Kaspersky account.
  • Finally, click on the Continue button.
  • The new password that you have created for signing into your My Kaspersky account is now saved.

We have now discussed how to Recover Kaspersky Password.