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How To Remove Browser Hijacker?

A Browser hijacker is known as a malware program that takes over your web browser’s settings page, overriding your control by carrying out the actions you didn’t intend to perform. Cybercriminals and fraudulent websites use these software to increase the traffic on their web pages, so they can boost their advertising revenue and gain handsome profits. Besides, this browser hijacker can also clog up your browser with annoying pop-up ads and slow down the browser's processing speed. These malicious software can also hijack your DNS settings (Domain Name System).These malware software get installed on your device during an application installation. Sometimes the malware package is bundled within the software program itself, or installed when you allow additional downloads by accepting the site’s terms and conditions. However, browser hijackers are generally considered less severe than many other types of malware threats. Still, it has some downsides and risks. Here, we shall discuss how to remove browser hijacker? from your device.

How To Remove Browser Hijacker?

Steps to remove browser hijacker:

  • If you install an effective antivirus software on your computer, it will alert users if there are any adware and spyware present on the system.
  • Perform Quick scan and Full scan to protect your computer from malware and viruses.
  • After the scanning process gets completed, the antivirus software will remove all the malware from your PC and will prompt you to restart your PC.
  • But in some cases, these antivirus software can’t detect these browser hijackers. In such a scenario, you need to reinstall the browser to regain control of the interface.
  • In extreme cases, the browser hijacker reinstalls itself in the browser. In such a case, back up all the necessary files and erase the contents of the computer.
  • Install a fresh copy of the Operating System along with the updated browser version.
  • So, these are the simple and most common steps to remove browser hijacker.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Frequent cleaning of the directories with browser cookies and histories will help prevent the browser hijacker.
  • Choose a good antivirus software, do regular scans for malware and viruses on your device, and enable the settings where the antivirus software alerts you on unauthorized installation attempts, which reduces the risk of infection.
  • The best way to keep these browser hijacker malware at bay is to update your operating system and browser at regular intervals. Now we have seen how to Remove Browser Hijacker.

For more assistance to remove the browser hijacker, contact our tech support.