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How to Remove Hidden Virus?

Hidden viruses hide from antivirus software scans, and masks all the changes it made to the system by showing the same storage memory even when any file is lost or added. It infects a document and then replaces the original information with infected content. Following steps for how to Remove Hidden Virus.

Software List for Hidden Virus Removal

There are various hidden virus removal tools available on the internet. The most effective tools for a computer are listed below.

  1. Avg antivirus 
  2. Bitdefender total security
  3. Kaspersky antivirus
  4. Avast antivirus
  5. Norton antivirus 

Attrib Hidden Files Virus

The windows attribute command can be used to unhide the hidden files on a windows system. Run the popular command attrib-s-h-r/s/d *.* to view all the hidden files. From those files, locate the virus-infected ones with autorun or .inf extensions and delete them.

How to Remove Hidden Virus?

The measures taken for removing hidden viruses are the same for any device.

Virus Removal using Command Prompt:

  • Note down the drive letter for which you want to scan and remove the virus.
  • Go to start and enter cmd in the run dialog box.
  • Open the command prompt window as the administrator.
  • Type the below commands to display all the files in that drive.
  • Drive letter: attrib - s -h -r /s /d *.*
  • Now, press enter to see the list of all files from which you can find the suspecting virus files. 
  • Mostly hidden virus files are named autorun Or have extensions like inf. To remove these viruses enter the below commands Del filename.extension
  • Close the window after removing the virus.

Virus Removal using Windows Defender:

Windows has an inbuilt security tool. This can remove the threat from the computer when enabled.

  • Open the settings screen on your windows computer and select update & security.
  • Next, click on windows security and select open windows defender security center.
  • Now, click virus & threat protection.
  • Select scan now to start scanning the system. Solve the how to Remove Hidden Virus form windows defender.

Virus Removal by Formatting the Drive 

Deleting the whole drive containing infected files and folders will remove the virus permanently. But deleting files leads to data loss; it is better to have a backup of the drive before formatting the drive. To format the drive follow these steps;

Virus Removal using Virus Removal Software:

A virus removal software should be installed on your device. This can help to detect and remove the virus hidden on the device. Malware is a major threat to the system, so installing a malware removal tool does help in securing the system. 

How to Fix Virus Hidden Files in USB 

The virus-infected files may not let the usb to get recognized by the computer. If the usb is still detected on the device, then try following the below suggestions to fix the how to Remove Hidden Virus issue. 

how to remove hidden files virus using cmd

Fixing using Command Prompt:

  • Connect the usb drive to your device and know the usb drive letter.
  • Search for command prompt and run as an administrator.
  • On the opened window, input the below commands to repair the usb drive. Chkdsk /x /f drive letter:
  • This will take some time, wait and fix the found threats.
  • Now, close the window.

Fixing using Software Tool:

This is the easiest way to fix the problem. 

  • Download a reliable file repair tool compatible with your device.
  • Scan the usb drive with the software tool
  • Next, fix the how to Remove Hidden Virus issue.
  • After fixing the problem, scan again to check if the virus has been removed.

Fixing using Windows:

  • Connect the usb drive to the computer and open my computers.
  • Next, right-click on the usb drive and select properties.
  • On the properties window, choose the tools tab.
  • Now, click check to scan the usb drive.
  • Once the scan is over, close the window and eject the usb drive.

How to Find Hidden Viruses on the Computer?

Detect via virus scanner:

Scanning the device with an antivirus tool or virus scanner software is a simple option. 

Detect via attrib command:

  • Search cmd, right-click on the command prompt option.
  • Then, click on run as administrator in the command prompt window
  • Note down the letter of the drive for which you want to scan for hidden viruses.
  • Type the command: Drive letter; \> attrib -r -a -s -h *.*
  • Press enter and find the files having a virus.
how to Remove Hidden Virus

Hidden Folder Virus

There are cases when the folder containing many files become hidden due to the virus in the files. The virus does not let you view the folder having the files.You can try running the command: Attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\*.*

After the virus scan, files are hidden

Sometimes, the virus affected files remain hidden even after performing a scan. Try the given suggestions to recover them.

  • Open the drive which contains the hidden files.
  • Then go to the view option and check hidden items.(or)
  • Type folder In the search bar.
  • Select folder options from the results found.
  • Click the view tab.
  • Below the advanced settings, check show hidden files, folders, and drives.
  • Next, click apply to show
  • The attrib commands can be used to show hidden files and folders, which is already discussed on previous.
  • Try the steps below if the how to Remove Hidden Virus issue persists. 
  • Search for regedit And press enter.
  • Click hkey_local_machine and select software.
  • Choose microsoft and click windows.
  • In the current version section, select the current version, explorer, advanced, folder, hidden, and showall in a sequence.
  • Click on checkedvalue, edit the value data to 1, and select ok.
  • After completing, reboot the system.

If you are finding it difficult to resolve the how to Remove Hidden Virus issues on your own, you can get help from our technical experts.

How does a Hidden Virus Multiply?

The virus that multiplies itself is called a worm. Even without human contact, these worms can multiply and get itself shared with other computers creating a huge impact. Worms are sent to other connected devices through the web network and servers. It can spread through emails by contacting your email address book. To remove hidden viruses at the initial stage itself, its preferred to use effective antivirus tools..