How To Renew Mcafee Antivirus?

McAfee keeps your PC free from threats. In addition to it, to secure your online activity, you have to renew your McAfee antivirus subscription periodically. McAfee provides various features like identity threat protection, social security number monitoring, and so on.

How To Renew Mcafee

Manual renewal

To know how to renew McAfee manually, refer to the following quick steps.

Step 1

Open a browser and visit the home page of McAfee.

Step 2

  • Click the My Account button.
  • Select the Sign in option.

Step 3

  • Enter the McAfee login credentials in the Email Address and Password fields.
  • Now, click the Log In button.

Step 4

  • Once you access your McAfee account, navigate to the My Account section.
  • Select the Subscriptions option followed by the Renew option.

Step 5

  • Continue with the on-screen instructions.
  • When prompted, enter your billing information.
  • This will renew McAfee at the current price.

Step 6

  • After the renewal process, a confirmation message will be displayed on the screen.
  • If necessary, print the confirmation page for your record. You can even view the purchase history by accessing the Subscriptions page.

Automatic renewal

If you enable the Auto-Renewal feature, your McAfee subscription will be renewed automatically. You can turn off this feature if you do not want to renew the subscription automatically. The Auto-Renewal feature is available for Antivirus Plus, McAfee Internet Security, Total Protection, LiveSafe, and McAfee All Access.Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to enable the Auto-Renewal feature in McAfee.

Step 1

  • Log into your McAfee account.

Step 2

  • Click the My Account tab and choose the Auto-Renewal Settings option.

Step 3

  • Navigate to the Product section.
  • Turn on the toggle next to your McAfee product.

Step 4

  • In the Opt in and enjoy uninterrupted protection box, click the Agree & Opt in button.
  • Now, your McAfee product will be renewed automatically.
  • Now, we have seen how to Renew Mcafee Antivirus