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How to Restore Kaspersky After Formatting?

  • When you format your computer, it will erase all files and data, and it will open up as new.
  • So, before formatting your computer, it is advised to uninstall the Kaspersky Internet Security first.
  • Manual uninstalling is a safer method.
  • Open your Kaspersky systems Window, and you will find Manage your subscription at the bottom-right corner of the Kaspersky window.
  • You will find the current license number for your version, click the close icon next to it.
  • It will delete your current subscription.
  • The product key cannot be put to use if the license is active in more than one computer.
Restore Kaspersky After Formatting
  • Now start formatting your computer. Once done, install Windows.
  • You can Restore Kaspersky After Formatting as long as it has not crossed its expiration date.

Activation Code:

  • An activation code comes with the Kaspersky box at the date of purchase.
  • Upon re-installing the Kaspersky, the setup will use the license information and the activation key to activate Kaspersky back to your computer.
 Restore Kaspersky After Formatting(Activation Code)

Without Activation Code:

  • You can install the Kaspersky from the run command.
  • Use Windows key + R and type appwiz.cpl.
  • The option will open the programs and features window.
  • Select Kaspersky from the list of applications stored on the computer.
  • Kaspersky window will open the Attention window asking if you want to uninstall the Kaspersky internet security, click Continue.
  • The Kaspersky Setup Wizard will open, click Next.
  • It will open a window with a list of saving objects to reuse.
  • Uncheck all options except the License Information and click Next.
  • Reboot your computer once the uninstallation is complete.
  • Download Kaspersky and install it. Once the setup is complete, the saved license information will be used for restoring the Kaspersky product.