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How To Retrieve Avast License Key?

Avast License Key is a subscription code with alpha-numeric characters. Using this code, you can activate your Avast product to access more protection features. You will be prompted to enter the license key while activating your subscription into the application. In case you don’t know the key, keep reading the instructions below to know how to retrieve Avast license key in various ways.

How To Retrieve Avast License Key

Scenario 1: Avast antivirus purchased from a retail store

  • If you have purchased the Avast antivirus from a retail store or a third-party seller such as Amazon or Staples, you will be given a CD-ROM for product installation in a box with a plastic case.
  • Identify the license key from the plastic case that contains a card printed with your activation code.
  • Finally, use the code to activate your product and enjoy the subscriptions.

Scenario 2: Avast antivirus purchase from official Avast site

  • If you have purchased the Avast antivirus from the official site without creating an Avast Account, the product key will be sent as an order confirmation email to you.
  • Access your email account and open the order confirmation email.
  • Scroll down the page to the Your Products section to identify your activation code.
  • In case you have already created an Avast account while downloading the product, you can retrieve the avast license key from it.
  • If necessary, you can also create a new Avast account with the email address you have used to purchase the subscription and retrieve the license key from the Avast subscriptions page.
  • To do so, sign in to your Avast Account and click the Subscriptions tile on the Welcome screen.
  • To copy the license key, click on the Copy to clipboard link next to the Activation code.
  • Next, launch the Avast antivirus and activate the subscription using the copied activation code (license key).
  • You have now seen how to Retrieve Avast License Key.

In case you are stuck while removing the Avira product from your computer, contact our technical support team for remote assistance.