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How To Stop Redirects In Chrome Android?

How To Stop Redirects In Chrome Android

Sometimes, a redirect happens when you visit a certain webpage; clicking on a certain link might take you to some other unwanted website. It may contain unnecessary content, or it may lead to a malware attack on your computer. The reason behind the malicious redirects on your browser will be the browser hijackers, and those redirects may lead to a malware attack that has the potential to modify your browser’s behavior. Let us see how to Stop Redirects In Chrome Android.

If you want to stop redirects in your Google Chrome browser on your android mobile, follow the instructions given below.

  • Google Chrome, in its settings, has automatically enabled the option to prevent the redirects. If you are redirected to another website, it signifies that the setting to prevent the redirects is disabled. So, reset your Google Chrome browser to its default settings so that the cookies and caches will be deleted and the redirects will be stopped in the future.
  • Now, you can easily reset your browser settings to default. On your android mobile, you can do that by clearing the application data. When you clear the application data, all the cookies, caches, and other factory settings will be removed.
  • To restore your Google Chrome to its default settings, open the Settings app from your android phone and tap on Apps and locate the Google Chrome app from the list. Tap on Google Chrome and open the app details. Tap on Storage, followed by Manage Storage and tap on Clear all data. Once you do it, all your Chrome’s data, including the settings and bookmarks, will be reset to their defaults.
  • Now, open your Google Chrome app. In the upper right corner, locate the three-dotted icon and click on it. Tap on the Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  • Navigate to Permissions and click on the Pop-ups and redirects option. If you find Pop-ups and redirects to be turned on, turn it off.
  • Now, go to the same website where you have been redirected and check whether it redirects you to any other website. You can recognize that you have stopped the redirects in your Google Chrome browser on your Android mobile.
  • Now we have seen how to stop redirects in chrome android.