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How to Install Antivirus On Pen Drive?

Viruses or any threat that intrudes into your storage device can damage the data stored on it. Usually, when we visit an unsecured web page, the chance for the virus entry is high. Similarly, there is a chance for the virus to enter into a portable drive while inserting it into a computer that is already infected by viruses. If you wish to protect your portable drive from the viruses, then there is away. You can avoid the virus from entering into your drive by installing antivirus software on it. This page explains how to Install Antivirus On Pen Drive.

Installing a third-party software

Install Antivirus On Pen Drive
  • Initially, you need to choose the best antivirus software for your portable drive. Some of the top free antivirus software are AVG Free Edition, Avira Free Antivirus, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Make sure to download the antivirus software that you prefer from its official site. Usually, while downloading the software, it won’t give you the option to save the file to another media. By default, the software file will be saved on your computer.
  • Once the antivirus software has been downloaded, the next step is to insert the pen drive into your computer. Wait for your computer to recognize the Pen Drive. Once it is done, you’re ready to perform the installation process.
  • Double-click on the downloaded antivirus software setup (.exe) file. Now, you can see the installation wizard open on the screen. When prompted, select the pen drive's location to install the software. Wait for the on-going process to complete. Once it has been completed, insert your pen drive into the corrupted computer. Open the antivirus application on the flash drive by double-clicking on it. Choose the location to scan and click Scan.

Installing Windows Defender Offline

This security software is the best of the Windows OS. If you haven’t installed the Windows Defender Offline application on your computer, then you have to download its installation file. From your computer’s web browser, visit Microsoft’s official website. Download the installer file. Now, insert a USB drive with at least 250MB of free space into your computer. Open the Defender offline file. When prompted, select the option that says, “On a USB Flash drive that is not password protected.” Click the Next button and then select your Pen drive from the drop-down menu in the Choose a USB Flash Drive window. Install the Defender offline application on your pen drive by following the on-screen instructions. Now we have seen how to Install Antivirus On Pen Drive.