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How to Install Avg Antivirus ?

AVG Antivirus is one of the best security software to protect your system from viruses, spyware, and other malicious threats.The steps to install AVG Antivirus Free program on your Windows computer are mentioned on this web page.

Install Avg Antivirus
  • Download the setup file of the AVG Antivirus program from the manufacturer website.
  • Find the downloaded setup file in the Downloads folder and then right-click it.
  • Choose the Run as Administrator option to open the User Account Control (UAE) dialog box.
  • Select the Yes option to start the installation process of the AVG Antivirus program on the Windows computer.
  • The AVG Antivirus Free Setup window will appear on the screen.
  • If you want to change the language, select your language at the upper-right corner and change it.
  • On the main panel, click the Install button.
  • Now, you will see the progress of the AVG Antivirus program installation.
  • Once the installation completes, click the Continue option followed by the Run First Scan option.
  • This will scan the Windows computer for threats.
  • Once the AVG Antivirus program installation process is over, the program will be activated automatically.
  • To check the subscription of the AVG Antivirus program on the Windows computer, carry out the following steps.
  • Launch the main interface of the AVG Antivirus Free program on the Windows computer.
  • Click the My AVG tab and select the My Subscription option.
  • Navigate to the Subscriptions on this PC section and click the down arrow beside the Upgrade option.
  • If the Active status is shown on the screen, the subscription is in the active state.
  • Also, you can see when the subscription will end.
  • The activation code to activate the AVG Antivirus program is located in the Subscription field.

Avg Offline Installer

The AVG Free Antivirus offline installer gives free malware protection for PC. The Real-Time Protection feature helps to protect the PC from the latest threats. It can scan malware and other types of viruses quickly, which is the greatest advantage of using the AVG Antivirus program.

Below are the features of the AVG Antivirus program.

  • Real-time scanning
  • Detects and removes all types of viruses, spyware, ransomware, and malware
  • Blocks all the unsafe websites, downloads, and email attachments
  • Helps to improve PC performance
  • Real-time security updates
  • The AVG Free Antivirus offline installer can be downloaded from the manufacturer website.
  • Make sure to install the AVG Antivirus program as per the on-screen steps.
  • If you want to uninstall the AVG Antivirus program completely from the computer, you have to use the removal or uninstaller tool.

Avg Antivirus Free Download For Windows 7

The AVG Antivirus program provides complete protection to your PC from viruses, malware, and other threats. This program offers both the Real-Time PC Protection and Web & Email Protection features. The main advantage of using the AVG Antivirus program is that you can scan the threats quickly. Also, this program notifies the user against unsafe websites.To download and install AVG Antivirus for Windows 7 program, refer to the step-by-step guidelines given on our web page.

  • Search for the Google Chrome web browser on your Windows 7 computer.
  • Double-click the Google Chrome icon to launch its main interface on the Windows 7 computer.
  • Visit the Official AVG website and click the Free Download button below AVG Antivirus for Windows 7.
  • The downloaded free version of the AVG Antivirus program file will be saved in the Downloads folder.
  • On the Windows 7 computer, navigate to the File Manager window and click the Downloads folder.
  • Find the AVG Free Antivirus program and double-click its file to begin the installation process.
  • Perform the steps that display on the screen to complete the installation process of the AVG Antivirus program on the Windows 7 computer.
  • Once done with installing the AVG Antivirus program, restart the Windows 7 computer.
  • To Install Avg Antivirus, Contact our technical support member by clicking the Call button available here.