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Install Avira Antivirus Without Internet Connection - Quick Steps

Scroll down this web page to know how to install Avira antivirus without internet connection. Avira is a popular software mainly known for its free antivirus application. This free antivirus application is almost enough to protect your computer its data from all kinds of threats. Like any other antivirus software, Avira also uses a three-layer protection scheme to secure your data from third-party access and viruses. Usually, all the antivirus applications ask you to install it over an internet connection. But, some security applications can be installed without the internet. That means using the offline installer of the application. To know more about installing Avira antivirus without an internet connection, continue reading. When it comes to Avira, currently there is no offline installer pack available. So you need to install and activate the Avira free antivirus over the internet on your computer. The following instructions will help you with the download, installation, and activation process of Avira in Windows.

install avira antivirus without internet connection

Downloading And Installing Avira Free Antivirus In Windows

  • Visit the official support site of Avira from your computer’s web browser.
  • Select the Avira Free antivirus product.
  • Click the Download for Free button.
  • Now, the Avira installer file will start to download.
  • Once it is downloaded, open and run it on your Windows computer.

Steps To Install The Avira Product Using My Avira Account

  • Go to the Avira antivirus login page to install Avira antivirus without internet connection.
  • Now, using your account credentials, sign in to the My Avira account. Click the Subscriptions menu followed by the Install button.
  • The installation file will be downloaded on your computer to install Avira antivirus.
  • Click Save File.
  • Open Avira Installation File.
  • In the User Account Control permission window, click Yes > Agree and install.
  • Complete the Avira antivirus installation process by following the on-screen instructions.

If you’ve any doubts to install Avira antivirus without internet connection, contact us.