How To Install Mcafee Agent On Mac?

McAfee is a security software tool for Windows, Apple, and Android devices. McAfee Agent is an element of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), which manages the device activity to reinforce the policy terms and maintains the download & update of the consumer products. The McAfee Agent communicates with the McAfee ePO server to execute the task. Therefore, the user needs to install McAfee Agent on the device. The installation methods vary depending on the different devices. Follow the steps below to install McAfee Agent on the Mac device.

How To Install Mcafee Agent On Mac?
  • Select the Apple menu on the dock. Following that, choose System Preferences.
  • Next, select Users & Groups in the window.
  • Type your administrator name and password to log in to the administrator account.
  • Then, open the web browser, enter the server address, and access the ePO database logon page.
  • Type your password to log in to the ePO console and click the System Tree tab.
  • After that, select System Tree Actions and then the New Systems menu.
  • Go to the How to add systems division, click Create and download agent installation package.
  • Under Select Agent Package, choose the Non-Windows menu and select McAfee Agent for Mac (version) from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, click the Agent Package link and then select the Start Download button.
  • When the download completes, navigate to the downloaded installer file.
  • Search “Terminal” using the spotlight icon and open the Terminal window on the dock.
  • Input the command “cd desktop” in the window and press the Enter key.
  • Next, type the command “sudo chmod +x” and press Enter again.
  • The system prompts for the password; enter it and then type “sudo ./ -i.” Press Enter to start the installation.
  • When requested, enter the password again.