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Kaspersky Antivirus Setup For Windows 7

Kaspersky antivirus is an application that protects your Windows 7 system from all types of harmful and malware threats. Using this antivirus application, you can remove viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers, malicious tools, and auto-dialers. In the below section, you can find steps for downloading and installing the Kaspersky Antivirus Setup For Windows 7.

Install Kaspersky Antivirus on Windows 7

Download the Kaspersky antivirus software from its official site

  • On your Windows 7 system, open the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Navigate to the Kaspersky product’s official site.
  • Search for the Kaspersky Anti-Virus product and select it.
  • On the Kaspersky anti-virus access page, you can find two buttons; they are BUY NOW and FREE, 30-DAY TRIAL.
  • If you wish to purchase the entire Kaspersky antivirus application, then choose the package validity and click the BUY NOW button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download the entire antivirus software package.
  • If you want to try the trial pack, then click the FREE, 30-DAY TRIAL button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Installing the Kaspersky antivirus software on your Windows 7 system

  • Locate and open the downloaded Kaspersky antivirus application’s .exe file on your Windows 7 system.
  • Now the Kaspersky antivirus software’s installation wizard will appear on the screen, click the Next button on it.
  • Read & accept the End User License Agreement by clicking the I agree button.
  • Now, the Kaspersky antivirus software installation process begins.
  • Once it is done, The installation is complete message will appear on the screen.
  • If required, enable the Start Kaspersky Anti-Virus option by ticking the checkbox beside it on the final installation wizard.
  • Click the Finish button on the final installation wizard.
  • Launch the Kaspersky antivirus software on your system and run the virus scan.
  • If you need remote assistance in downloading and installing the Kaspersky Antivirus Setup For Windows 7 , locate and click the Call button available on this screen.