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How to resolve Kaspersky Certificate Error?

Kaspersky issues certificates to the browsers used on a device to verify whether the browser settings and connections are secure. Sometimes the user deletes the security certificate to prevent unnecessary messages from the Kaspersky while accessing the internet. Recently, many Chrome users have reported that Kaspersky shows several notifications when they open the browser, indicating a problem with the self-signed certificate. Read more to know how to fix the Kaspersky Certificate error in Chrome.

Kaspersky Certificate Error

Cause of the error:

  • The Chromecast device on your network might conflict with the Kaspersky antivirus software and hence the self-signed certificate authentication might not be guaranteed by Kaspersky.
  •  The error occurs when Kaspersky blocks the Chrome server connection assuming it to be insecure.

Try the below steps to resolve the Kaspersky certificate error on your computer.

  • Click the Kaspersky security icon present in the system tray to open the main window.
  • Next, select the More Tools menu and then click My Network.
  • Choose the Network Monitor option. This will open the Network Monitor window.
  • Click the header of the Ports column to arrange the activities by port.
  • Scroll through the activities and find which IP address is using the port 8009 and make a note of the IP address.
  • Now, return to the main window of Kaspersky and click the Settings icon.
  • Select Additional followed by the Threats and Exclusions option and finally select Specify trusted applications.
  • Click Add and type Google Chrome in the search box and select it from the search result.
  • Click ‘Do not scan all traffic’ and select ‘Do not scan encrypted traffic.’
  • Tick the checkbox of ‘Only for specified IP addresses’ and enter the IP address.
  • Now click the Only for specified ports option. Then input ‘8009’ and select Save.