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Fix: Kaspersky License Is Missing

Kaspersky products are used widely for business as well as home use with the same trust. It provides a perfect security system against viruses, malware, malicious files and software, and other online threats. Meanwhile, most users get stuck and come across the Kaspersky License Is Missing issue.

Kaspersky License Is Missing?

What is a Kaspersky license?

  • A license helps you to use the product for a limited period of time if you have accepted the End User License Agreement.
  • It Permits you to use the application on one or more devices according to your agreement.
  • Allows you to contact Kaspersky technical support.
  • A license can cover several applications at once.

Perform these initial solutions:

  • Access your My Kaspersky account and make sure your license is associated with the computer in which you are facing the license missing issue.
  • Open the Kaspersky Total Security application, select License is missing, add the activation code, select Activate.
  • Again, in the Kaspersky Total Security application, select My Kaspersky, then sign in to your My Kaspersky account. Now, the Kaspersky Total Security application will synchronize with your account.

Activating License in Kaspersky:

After the installation of the Kaspersky Total Security application, you need to run the program and activate it. If it is not done, or if the license has expired, you will see the license is missing error.To activate your license, follow these steps.

  • Open your Kaspersky antivirus program.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Go to the Advanced settings tab.
  • Click on Self defense and disable it.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Close the Kaspersky window.
  • Right-click on the Kaspersky icon and select Exit.
  • Download the archive file to fix the license missing issue. Now, extract the file from the archive and run it.
  • Open the registry editor window.
  • Ensure the key is successfully added to the registry.
  • Restart your computer and again open the Kaspersky main window.
  • Click Settings and select Advanced Settings.
  • Select Self-defense and check Enable self-defense.
  • Click Apply and then click OK.
  • Your Kaspersky product license is activated now.

If it doesn't work, then delete the key from the license window and then enter it again. Now we have seen how to fix Kaspersky License Is Missing issue.