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Kaspersky Registry Cleaner

After uninstalling the Kaspersky product from your computer, some leftover registries might be present. To remove Kaspersky completely, you have to clean all the Kaspersky registry entries related to the Kaspersky products.

Kaspersky Antivirus Registry Cleaner Download

If you have uninstalled the Kaspersky program using Add and Remove Programs, you cannot use any removal tool. In this scenario, you have to manually remove the registry entries of the Kaspersky program.

Removing the Kaspersky Product registry entries

  • Navigate to the Start menu on your Windows computer, select the Run option, and type the ‘regedit’ command without the single quotes in the Open field.
  • As soon as you click the OK option, the Register Window will appear on the screen.
  • Search for the ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’ key and double-click it.
  • Go to the Software section and double-click the Microsoft option.
  • Navigate to Windows and double-click the Current Version option.
  • Right-click the Uninstall option and select the Export option.
  • You will see the Export Registry File dialog box on the screen.
  • Click the Desktop tab on the left panel, navigate to the File Name field, and type Uninstall.
  • Select the Save option, double-click the Kaspersky folder, and check if Kaspersky is displayed in the Display Name field.
  • Right-click the files and select the Delete option.
  • This will remove the Kaspersky registry entries.
  • To check if all the registry entries of Kaspersky have been removed, perform the following instructions.
  • Click My Computer on the left panel, navigate to the Edit tab, and go to the Find section.
  • Type Kaspersky in the Find What field.
  • If you see ‘Kaspersky’ on the screen, you have to use a third-party registry cleaner like Regcleaner.
  • Once done with cleaning the registries, reboot the Windows computer.
  • If required, download Regcleaner or some other registry cleaner tool only from its manufacturer website

Kaspersky Product Registry Removal Tool

The manufacturer does not recommend any registry cleaner tool. Remove the Kaspersky registries manually. If needed, download and use the third-party registry cleaner like Regcleaner. If you need assistance in removing the Kaspersky registries, click the Call button to contact our technical experts.

Kaspersky Registry Keys

Once you install the Kaspersky product on your computer, its registry keys will be available in the Registry Editor window. You can delete or edit the registry keys if you have any problems related to it. Most importantly, before doing any deletion or editing, take a backup. In case any problem arises due to the deletion, then you can restore them from the backup.

How To Find Kaspersky License Key In Registry?

  • Open the installation folder of the Kaspersky product and click the License option.
  • When a new pop-window opens, select the checkbox next to the Key option.
  • You will find the 20-digit license key of the Kaspersky product.
  • You can also find the license key from the confirmation email or from the user manual.

How To Delete Kaspersky License From Registry?

  • You can remove the registry keys that contain license file manually or using any registry cleaner tool.
  • To delete the Kaspersky license, open the main window of the Kaspersky product and click the License option seen at the bottom of the screen.
  • When the Licensing window appears on the screen, click the x mark next to the 20-digit license key.
  • Click the Delete Key option in the next dialog box.

Kaspersky Registry Editor Download

  • The Kaspersky Rescue Tool program has the Registry Editor option that helps to repair and restore a damaged OS manually.
  • The Kaspersky Rescue Tool program can be downloaded from the official Kaspersky website.
  • Launch the main interface of the Kaspersky Rescue Tool program and click the Tools tab at the top of the screen.
  • Select the Registry Editor option in the System Tools dialog box.
  • This will open the Kaspersky Registry Editor dialog window on the screen.
  • Using it, proceed to fix your OS.
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