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Kaspersky Update Utility

Kaspersky Update-Utility Download

Proceed with the steps that are given below to easily download the Update Utility tool.

Kaspersky Update Utility
  • Open your web browser and enter the official Kaspersky website in the address section.
  • Click the Support tab and type kaspersky update utility in the Search section.
  • Select the download update utility 3.0 from the displayed list.
  • Now, choose the required software according to your operating system.
  • If you have a Windows computer, select the .zip file to start the download.
  • For Linux and FreeBSD, you can click the respective links next to them.
  • After the software is downloaded, you can install the Update Utility tool on your computer.

Setup Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0

To set up Kaspersky Update-Utility 3.0, carry out the steps that are given below.

  • Open the official Kaspersky website from your browser and navigate to the Support page.
  • Select Support for Business products and click Update Utility.
  • Download the tool for your operating system.
  • Run the installer file to start the installation.
  • Checkmark the I confirm options in the installation wizard to agree with the terms and conditions of Kaspersky’s license agreement. Then, click Accept.
  • Select the Applications you want to update and click OK.
  • Click Start to begin the downloading process of the updates.
  • Now, you can update the Kaspersky applications using the downloaded update.

Kaspersky Update Utility For Windows

Proceed with the steps that are given below to download and install Update Utility for Windows.

  • Go to the official Kaspersky website from your web browser.
  • Select the Kaspersky Update Utility software from business products.
  • Click on the Download for Windows button to download the Kaspersky Update-Utility.
  • Choose a preferred location on your computer to save the software.
  • Wait until the download process completes.
  • Locate the downloaded zip file and right-click on it to select Extract files. Then, choose a destination path to save the file and click OK.
  • Double-click on the installer file or .exe file to begin the installation.
  • Click on the Applications button to choose the version ok Kaspersky. Then, click OK.
  • Select Settings and click the Download tan on the left panel.
  • Click on the Radio button next to Select folders and choose a folder for updates folder and temporary folder. Then, click OK.
  • Click on the Start button to update the selected versions of the Kaspersky software.

Fix Kaspersky Not All Components Were Updated Error

If you receive the ‘Not all components were updated error’ during a database update, carry out the steps below to fix it. You can view the error in the Status section. You may receive the error if the Kaspersky application or server malfunctions, or if the power goes off in the middle of an update, the error may occur. Consider the steps that are given below to fix the issue.

  • Uninstall and reinstall the application that causes the error.
  • You can download the software package from the Kaspersky official website.
  • Run the installer file and complete the installation by following the instructions on the screen.
  • The issue will be resolved after reinstalling the Kaspersky software.