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kaspersky update utility for windows

The Kaspersky update utility is a tool for downloading updates from the Kaspersky applications from the update source. It is a portable application that includes two ways to run. Any number of applications can be downloaded with the applications listed below. 

  • The GUI interface
  • The Command-line interface

You can schedule updates in the update utility to perform updates at any given time. It also allows you to save the scan reports, download locations, and start the Windows in the settings tab. Some common error messages that occur in the Update Utility are, 

  • Failed To Create Folder
  • Not Enough Permissions
  • No Such File Or Directory
  • File Does Not Exist On Update
  • No Source Contains Valid Updates
  • Black List Check Failed
  • All Files Are Up To Date
  • Operation Cancelled
  • Update Logic Error
  • Failure To Authorize Ftp
  • Failure To Resolve DNS 
  • Connection To Source Cannot Be Established
  • Proxy Server DNS Name Resolution Error
  • You can download the Kaspersky update utility from the Kaspersky official website.
  • Once you download the file, you can run the application with the graphical interface version.
  • The window will open the license agreement. 
  • Accept to the terms and conditions and click OK.
  • Click the two checkboxes and click the Accept button.
  • Once the main window opens, click the Applications option.
  • You will see the file servers and the visualization for Windows OS.
  • Open the Settings option and click on Downloads.
  • In the Download window, go to the Folders for updates section.
  • You will see two radio buttons, choose the Select Folders radio button.
  • Click on Apply changes and click OK.
  • Click the Start button and look for the updates to get downloaded.
  • You can proceed to download the Kaspersky applications using the update utility.
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