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Fix Macbook Pro Startup Errors

Macbook Pro Startup Troubleshooting

Sometimes, your Mac device might encounter a startup problem, and the device login screen may not appear. In such cases, the system restarts or shuts down before it turns on, in other cases, it might turn on after a very long time.

Macbook Pro Startup Error

To fix the issue:

  • Press the power button and check if your Macbook turns on by listening to the spinning drive or fan noise. If you can hear the sound, then the device is turning on.
  • In case you have connected the other accessories to your Macbook, disconnect all the devices and turn it on again.
  • When the system does not have the power to turn it on, provide the power connection to the device, and see if the Macbook Pro Startup Error has been fixed.

Macbook Pro Startup Issues

There are various reasons for the Macbook Pro startup issues, read the following to know the common causes of the problem.

  • The primary cause is hardware failure.
  • Connection of the other peripheral devices to the computer may also cause the issue. Remove the peripherals and try to start your MacBook Pro.
  • MacBook Pro Startup Error also occurs due to incorrect system settings.

Startup Disk Full Macbook Pro

The Startup Disk Full message on the Macbook Pro indicates that your device is running out of memory. Sometimes, the Mac device changes the disk space to virtual memory space, which is used for regular storage.

  • First, check the storage of the device. Go the Apple menu on the dock and select About this Mac.
  • See how the system storage is used and then proceed to remove the unnecessary files on the system.
  • Open the Library and erase the unwanted Cache files.
  • After that, open the Trash folder and click Empty Trash to clear the files in the folder.

Fix Macbook Pro Startup Problems Grey Screen

After you start or restart your Mac device, at times, the grey screen appears instead of the blue screen. Try out the following solutions to fix the problem.

  • Remove all the peripheral devices and turn on the Mac device.
  • Open the Disk Utility window and select the drive from the left panel, then click Verify Disk.
  • Switch off the device, restart it, and press the Shift key to Safe boot the system.

Fix Macbook Pro Startup Problems After Software Update

When you update the Mac software, after which you face the Macbook Pro Startup Error , then read the below solutions to resolve the problem.

  • Start the Mac system in Safe boot mode and verify whether the system is working fine.
  • To reset the PRAM/NVRAM memory of the Mac system, press and hold the Command, Option, P, and R keys together until the system restarts.

Fix Macbook Pro Error Sign On Startup

  • You may face the Macbook Pro Startup Error on the sign-in screen when you are trying to start the Mac device.
  • In such a condition, try to start the system in the safe boot mode.
  • If you cannot start the safe boot mode, power on the system while you hold the D key to begin the diagnostic test on the system. The system problem will be indicated on the result screen.

Macbook Pro Startup Error No Bootable Device

If the “no bootable device” error occurs when you try to reboot the system, consider the following steps.

  • Start the Mac system and immediately press the Alt key.
  • Once the system screen appears, select Apple on the dock then choose System Preferences.
  • Click Startup Disk and select the Mac system disk. Make sure to set the Mac system disk as the permanent option.