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Fix Mcafee Firewall Keeps Turning Off

The role of firewall and antivirus is to protect your computer from malicious threats and unauthorized access. If you deactivate your antivirus program, it will not only affect the computer but also lead to data theft. McAfee antivirus protects the computer against inbound malicious threats. Like other antivirus programs, McAfee also gets deactivated automatically.

Mcafee Firewall Keeps Turning Off

The reasons for Mcafee Firewall Keeps Turning Off as well as its troubleshooting steps are mentioned below.

  • Step 1 - Malicious infiltration Assume, McAfee doesn’t protect your computer against viruses. It is possible that the computer could get affected. When the computer is affected by viruses, a few of the malicious viruses might deactivate the current firewall and antivirus program. This, in turn, leads to loss of personal information. In this scenario, turn on the McAfee firewall and perform a full system scan immediately. So, you can protect the computer from viruses as well as from data theft.
  • Step 2 - Multiple antivirus programs You cannot run more than one antivirus program at a time on a computer. It is obvious that one of the firewall or antivirus software gets disabled if you run multiple antivirus programs. This might be one of the reasons behind the automatic deactivation of McAfee on your computer. You are strongly recommended to deactivate or uninstall the other third-party antivirus program. Now, the McAfee firewall will be able to protect the computer without any interruptions.
  • Step 3 - Windows Firewall By default, a built-in firewall program protects the computer against threats. But, this program is not as comprehensive as other firewall programs. You have to deactivate the built-in firewall program, or else, it will interfere with the McAfee program. To turn off the Windows Firewall feature, navigate to the Control Panel screen and click Windows Firewall > Turn Windows Firewall on or off > Turn off Windows Firewall. You have to disable the Windows Firewall feature in both the Public and Private Network sections.
  • Step 4 - McAfee Virtual tool Still, if McAfee turns off repeatedly, use the McAfee Virtual tool. It is an automated tool that helps to diagnose and fix the McAfee related problems automatically. You can download this tool from the official McAfee website.
  • If you aren’t able to fix Mcafee Firewall Keeps Turning Off issue, contact our technical support team.