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How To Use Mcafee Password Generator?

On this page, we shall discuss the McAfee password generator. Before going into detail about it, we have to understand what a password generator is.

Mcafee Password Generator

What are password generators?

All of us browse the Internet daily. Some people use it on certain occasions only. Whatever the time we spend online, we have to stay protected from hackers. We would have created multiple accounts on various financial services, streaming services, and online storefronts. Most of such accounts contain highly confidential data, which can be stolen and misused by hackers. Although we protect our accounts with passwords, our personal information might get into the hands of hackers if we are not alert. This issue might especially come up if we use weak passwords. To fix such problems, we can make use of a password generator.Most of the password generators create passwords automatically. They will use the general password rules like mixing alphabets, numbers, characters, etc., and create at least a 15-character long password. Some of these generators will help you exclude characters that are ambiguous and similar to the passwords they create.

Why do you have to use the McAfee password generator?

McAfee True Key is a highly effective password manager and generator. It has been specially designed to generate strong and very lengthy passwords. A few of the core features of this password generator are listed here:

  • Local data encryption
  • Compatibility with several browsers
  • Syncing across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices
  • Various methods for signing in

You have additional options, like pairing the True Key app with your device’s fingerprint reader and utilizing the app for importing stored passwords from your web browser.

Let us now discuss how to create a strong password using the McAfee password generator-True Key for iOS and Android devices.


  • The instructions given below are meant for iOS devices. However, they will be similar to the ones for Android devices.
  • You must have installed the True Key app on your device.

Generating a strong password using the McAfee password generator:

  • On your iOS device, launch the True Key app.
  • Log in by utilizing your registered email address and password.
  • From the menu that displays, tap on Launchpad.
  • When you are within the Launchpad, tap the Plus (+) icon so that you can add a new login.
  • Now, you will find a list of popular websites. Choose one of them. Or else, you can enter the website details manually and continue with the steps to use the McAfee password generator.
  • The Details page will be displayed. On this page, tap on the password generator icon. You can easily locate this icon in the Password field.
  • True Key will now create a strong password for you.
  • Make the desired changes to the password parameters, like the length of the password, special characters, upper case letters, etc.
  • Once you have made the changes, you need to tap the Generate Strong Password button. You can tap this button many times until you are completely contented with the created password.
  • It is now time to tap the Insert option. This step will insert the generated password into your new website login.
  • Finally, tap the Save button. This action will save your new login.
  • You have now seen the features of the McAfee password generator-True Key. You have also created a strong password using it.