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What is Mcafee Saas Email Protection?

McAfee SAAS email protection safeguards your mail from all kinds of viruses, worms, Trojans, and other unwanted programs. McAfee Security for Email Servers also provides multi-layered protection for both incoming and outgoing emails.

Mcafee Saas Email Protection

Some of the features offered by this application are listed below:

  • Advanced threat detection
  • Strong internal safeguards
  • On this page, you can see the files that Bitdefender isolated.
  • You can now start managing the quarantined files according to your requirements.

There are multiple layers of security features offered by McAfee. You can enable or disable specific layers based on your needs. To download the McAfee SAAS email protection software, visit the official site of McAfee. After downloading the software, install it on your computer. Once the installation has been completed, open the software to configure it to protect your email account. Go to the Overview page of the application. On this page, you can find the status of Disaster Recovery Current Status and Disaster Recovery Activity. To review suspicious email messages, there is a feature called Quarantine. Using this feature, you can check whether the selected email message contains any spam.

Searching Quarantine message

  • On the Email Protection application, click Quarantine. Then, select the Search Criteria option followed by Search.
  • Now, you can find all the quarantined messages.

Email Continuity

This feature will be helpful when you encounter the network outage issue. When the network outage occurs, all your inbound and outbound mail activity will be stored in the cloud. Once the network outage issue is resolved, your emails will be synchronized with your email servers via disaster recovery service.

Mcafee Spam Filter

The Anti-spam software scans all your incoming emails for threats and the detected unsolicited emails will be moved to the Anti-Spam folder. Using the Anti-Spam software, you can block unsolicited emails using filters. For example, consider, there is a word called mortgage in the unsolicited email. So, to block these kinds of emails, you can add the mortgage keyword to the filter.

Managing filtered emails

The Managing filtered email feature is useful for webmail users. By using this feature, you can check if any legitimate messages have been filtered.

Enabling phishing protection

The Phishing protection feature protects you from visiting spam websites. For example, when you click a link that contains spam contents, you will be automatically redirected to the safe page. If you encounter an issue with the Anti-spam option, then you can disable it. To know more about McAfee SAAS Email Protection and Anti-Spam, contact us.