Norton Error Code 8504

The Norton Error code 8504 may occur due to product up-gradation failure or another security product installed on your system. To fix the Norton error code issue, read the quick, simple steps given below and proceed with the same.

  • First, try to remove any non-Symantec security product, i.e., any other antivirus application installed on your Windows or Mac system.
  • Before removing the non-Symantec security product from your system, make sure to take a backup of data stored on the device.
  • To know how to uninstall your non-Symantec security product, click the Call button available on this screen.
Norton antivirus Error Code 8504
  • After uninstalling the non-Symantec security product, restart your Windows or Mac system.
  • Make sure to close all the existing applications on your system.
  • After restarting your system, check if the error code 8504 is resolved.
  • If not, uninstall and reinstall the Norton antivirus on your system.
  • Make use of the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool to uninstall and reinstall the Norton application on your system.
  • Download and install the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool on your system.
  • After installing, launch the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  • Accept the license agreement displayed on your screen.
  • Click Advanced Options --> Remove Only --> Remove.
  • Once the Norton application is uninstalled successfully, a pop-up dialog box will appear on the screen, click the Restart Now button on it.
  • Wait for your system to restart and become stable.
  • After that, re-install the Norton application on your system and check if the same issue recurs.
  • If so, contact our technical support team to resolve the Norton error code 8504.