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Fix: Norton Liveupdate Not Working Windows 10

The Norton antivirus program not only keeps your computer safe from malicious malware but provides a safe bubble while working online. It is designed to block every single potential threat that can take a toll on your devices’ working ability.We advise just one thing, always keep the Norton antivirus updated at all costs so it can improve the functions and the security mechanisms of the program. Although being termed as one of the best security programs, the Norton antivirus can have some bugs causing the program to fail and stop working. In this case, you will find the Norton LiveUpdate not working on Windows 10 computers. The Norton Liveupdate Not Working Windows 10 problem occurs because of intermittent Internet connection or a problem with the system.This issue also happens while updating Norton antivirus. If you are one of those users facing such an issue, you can read the steps/procedures mentioned below.

Norton Liveupdate Not Working Windows 10

Fix 1: Restart The Computer

There can be a problem with the system and as a result LiveUpdate will not work on Windows 10. In order to resolve the problem, the best solution is to restart the computer.

  • Click the Windows icon on your desktop screen.
  • Click the Power icon.
  • Select the Restart option.
  • Wait for the computer to restart fully. Then go to FIX 4 to run Norton LiveUpdate.

Fix 2: Disable The Norton Firewall

  • Open the Norton antivirus program.
  • Click the Open button beside Device Security.
  • Click Settings option and then select Firewall.
  • Click the General Settings tab and click the slider to turn off the Smart Firewall option.
  • In the Protection Alert dialog box, click the Apply button and then select Permanently.

You can go to FIX 4 to see if you have fixed the Norton LiveUpdate not working on windows 10.

Fix 3: Check Internet Connection

  • Check and see if your computer is connected to the Internet.
  • If you are connected to the Internet using a wired connection, remove the Ethernet cable from the computer and connect it back again.
  • If your computer is connected wirelessly, restart the router.

Fix 4: Re-run Norton Liveupdate

  • Open the Norton antivirus program.
  • In the My Norton window, click Open beside Device Security.
  • Do a double-click on the Security option and then select LiveUpdate.
  • When the update is complete, click the OK button.
  • You will see the message Your Norton product has the latest protection updates.
  • Close the Norton program and restart the computer. Now we have seen how to fix Norton Liveupdate Not Working Windows 10

Click the Call button for further assistance if you still see Norton LiveUpdate not working on your Windows 10 computer.